Owl is a male, intelligent, and short-eared Owl, who is Little Bear's friend. He is the tritagonist of Little Bear, one of the four deuteragonists of Little Bear and a supporting character in The Little Bear Movie. Owl is voiced by Amos Crawley.

His first appearance on the television series was in the episode "Hide and Seek".


Owl lives in a tree house and technically at Little Bear's house because he's basically part of Little Bear's family in someway even though he's just a friend.


Hen has been shown to have a crush on Owl. Hen asks Owl to walk her down the aisle. In "The Kiss" Mr. Skunk, Duck, and Cat are playing "kissing tag" so Cat kisses Owl on the side of his face making him "it" when Hen walks by Owl he kisses Hen on the side of her face and Hen says, "'I didn't know you cared'", whereupon Owl says, "'I don't! I mean...I do!'" leaving us to wonder if there are feelings between them.


  • Owl always writes a poem in his valentines.
  • In the episode Little Bear’s Band he plays the lute.
  • It’s implied that Owl has a crush on Hen.
  • Owl was The Justice of The Peace in The Wedding.
  • Owl loves to read books but he loves to play games with Little Bear and his friends.