Pest of the West is the 97th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob discovers that Patrick has a famous relative named Patrick Revere who warned Bikini Bottom that man-eating mollusks are coming, yet no one listened to him.

Mr. Krabs told the two of his great-grandpappy Krabs, who invented a painful security invention that hurts the fingers of anyone who touches the booby trapped dollar bill. While walking, SpongeBob runs into Sandy who revealed that she has a relative named Rosie Cheeks was the first squirrel to discover oil in Texas. Feeling sorry for SpongeBob, Sandy takes him to the library to "dig around his family tree". SpongeBob learns that he the great-great-great grandson of a Western hero, Sheriff SpongeBuck SquarePants. Sandy tells SpongeBob the story of SpongeBuck SquarePants. SpongeBuck arrived to a town named Dead Eye Gulch and goes to a theater/saloon named Krusty Kantina.

SpongeBuck got to be a Sheriff by William Krabs (Mr. Krabs' ancestor). But then a villain Dead Eye Plankton arrived there and SpongeBuck had to face him at high noon (12:00 PM). SpongeBuck got kicked away and Pecos Patrick Star (Patrick's ancestor) met him. SpongeBuck got a nickname for him and it was Idiot Friend. Pecos Patrick told him to defeat Dead Eye Plankton by smacking him several times. When they get back to town (via a giant cactus that made SpongeBuck and Patrick's ancestor jump so high they landed in Dead Eye Gulch) SpongeBuck met Dead Eye Plankton and the two walked towards each other as though it was a Western duel. But he stepped on him. Like that, Dead Eye was defeated. Then, all the residents of Bikini Gulch built a golden statue of SpongeBuck (Squidward's ancestor liked his design better, which was him as a muscular man). SpongeBob soon realizes that the statue is really covered in jellyfish poop, hence the statue's different look. He cleans it up by scrubbing himself all across it, which disgusts Sandy. After that, SpongeBob and Sandy walk away, while SpongeBob is saying that maybe someday people will know the name SpongeBob SquarePants. Then, in the epilogue SpongeBuck and Pecos Patrick sang a song called "Idiot Friends".

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Pest of the West
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Season 5, Volume 2
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The First 100 Episodes
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 5th Season


  • This episode has scenes from 1993 TV Series, Walker, Texas Ranger, and 1994 TV Series, Renegade.
  • This is the first episode to have two places in one spot. The instance being Dead Eye Funeral Parlor and Ice Cream Parlor. The next time this happens will be in "Porous Pockets."
  • Dead-Eye Gulch was called "Bikini Gulch", before being attacked by Dead Eye.
  • This episode aired in the Netherlands on April 9, 2008, 2 days earlier than in the United States.
  • The word "idiot" is prominent in this episode. According to the SpongeBob's Greatest Hits CD booklet, it was said seventeen times. It was used in the featured song, Idiot Friends.
  • The "Family Histories of Bikini Bottom" isn't written in English or, at least, doesn't appear to be, but Sandy could still read it. Sometimes it written with Cyrillic Alphabets (Russian language).
  • In "Dunces and Dragons", Bikini Bottom was a very large kingdom many years before. Here, it is a tiny town. In "Back to the Past" it is a small village and in most episodes it is an average city. Also, in "SB-129," it is a large prehistoric jungle. Years later, Bikini Bottom in "Ugh," it is very similar. Overall, Bikini Bottom's size and location changes several times along with the population.
  • Hopalong calls SpongeBuck a "yokel". Yokel is a derogatory term for someone from a poor country or the rural areas.
  • Nat Peterson has two ancestors shown in this episode: one that appears in a flashback where Patrick's ancestor, Patrick Revere, warns Bikini Bottom of the mollusks and the other while SpongeBuck entered the Krusty Kantina, his western ancestor is seen at far away corner from the stage and counter. Later, when SpongeBuck is approaching the counter, Nat's ancestor is seen near the center of the cantina.
  • Both of Patrick's ancestors in this episode are shown warning their town or what it was during their era that something is coming to town.
  • Hopalong seemed slightly surprised that SpongeBuck asked for milk but it is true that most of the drinks shown are milk containers.
  • It's hard to hear, but at the very end of the Idiot Friends song, about a quarter of a second before the episode ends, you can hear a fish yell "Help Me!" or something similar to that really fast.
  • The name Dead Eye Gulch may be a reference to the infamous gold rush town of deadwood which was popularized by the HBO show of the same name the Dead Eye Gulch also bears a strong resemblance to the actual town.
  • When Pecos Patrick says, "...'Til one day a beast came ridin' from the east..." you can see the Dead Eye General Store which means that the store was already named Dead Eye before Dead Eye Plankton arrived.
  • In Bahasa Indonesia version, the song at the end is cut for unknown reason.
  • Oddly, it's unknown how the jellyfish poop made the statue look like a knight.

Cultural references

  • The Dead Eye Gulch flashback story is similar to most wild west movies, especially the duel part.
  • Also, Patrick Revere and the mollusk are a reference to Paul Revere and his midnight ride during the battle of Lexington and Concord, the first battle of the revolutionary war the mollusk being the British or as he called the regulars.


  • When SpongeBuck finishes drinking the milk in the beginning of the episode, one of his teeth is turned to yellow for a second.
  • Towards the end of the episode, when Sandy tell SpongeBob to "keep dreaming," the light brown part of her head disappears.
  • SpongeBob said at the end of the episode, "maybe, one day, people will know the name, SpongeBob SquarePants." He should've said fish, not people.
  • When SpongeBuck comes to Dead Eye Gulch and sits at the bar, he is somewhere in the middle, but later, he is sitting at the end.
  • In the song about Dead Eye, Patrick's ancestor, Pecos, says he had pulled his pants down, but as Dead Eye returns, he rips off Pecos' clothing and he says, "Not again.'
  • SpongeBuck's black cowboy boots in this episode somehow change to SpongeBob's modern-day socks and shoes halfway through the episode, when he shows up for the showdown at high noon, and stay like that for the remainder of the episode.
  • After SpongeBuck states to Dead Eye Plankton, "Hey, that ain't your money," his eyelashes disappear.
  • When SpongeBuck and Dead Eye walk towards each other, they were a few feet away from each other, but the next clip they were still walking without reaching each other.
  • It's impossible for the jellyfish droppings to cover the statue so it looks like a knight.
  • When this episode aired on November 30, 2011, it had the Rainbow S.r.l. logo due to a mistake on Nickelodeon's part.
  • After SpongeBuck stepped on Dead Eye Plankton, in the Krusty Kantina, Pecos Patrick Star and SpongeBuck are drinking milk. Patrick spills it on himself, and SpongeBuck has a milk mustache. But in the next scene showing them, the mustache is gone, while the milk on Pecos' shirt is still there.
  • The buildings in Dead Eye Gulch are constantly changing. The Krusty Kantina and the Bank are mostly the same, but some buildings change color throughout the episode. Also, the names of the stores are changing, too. For example, the "Dead Eye General Store" turned into "Dead Eye Boots." The number of buildings also seem to change.
  • Many sound effects and dialogue were out of sync with the graphics.
  • When SpongeBuck had an ice cream when he walks to the Krusty Kantina. But when he walks in, his ice cream disappears.
  • After SpongeBuck leaves the train, it and its tracks do not appear for the rest of the episode.

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