Peter and Flem are a duo in the tradition of an over-the-top Goofus & Gallant or Bud and Dud, was a sketch that featured Peter (Kel Mitchell) and Flem (Josh Server), doing the same thing but with different methods. Peter would use the right way while Flem would use his "own" stupid method.

For example:

  • "After watching a fine programming, Peter turns off the T.V. with the remote control... Flem uses a brick."
  • "Peter excuses himself when he wants to use the restroom... Flem is using the restroom right now."
  • "Peter always brushes his teeth before going to bed... Flem brushes his hobo."
  • "Everyday after school, Peter walks his dog Fido... Flem walks his grandmother."
  • "In the winter time, Peter keeps warm by wearing his heavy jacket... Flem pours hot gravy on his lap."
  • "Before going on a date, Peter sprays himself with sweet smelling cologne... Flem spreads peanut butter in his armpit."
  • "Peter has been a good boy all year so Santa gives him lots of nice presents... Flem has to convince Santa to give him lots of nice presents."
  • "When introducing the musical guest, Peter applauds... Flem says 'Lets give a Flemacious round of sound for our musical guest (insert musical guest's name)"
  • "Peter kills flies by using a yellow fly swatter... Flem kills flies with his little brother's guitar."
  • "Peter eats cereal the proper way. He counts each bite 24 times... Flem eats like a nasty goat."
  • "Peter shows us the good way to eat a sandwich... Flem shows the bad way to eat a sandwich."
  • "When Peter gets a wound, he puts on a clean bandage... Flem uses his wounds as chip dip."
  • "On the way home from school, Peter found a shiny new penny... Flem found a hobo."
  • "Peter exercises every day, he runs over five miles... Flem runs from the police."
  • "Peter saves his money in a piggy bank... Flem buys bras.
  • "Peter teaches his dog neat tricks like "sit" and "roll over"... Flem teases chickens.
  • ”Peter likes to read... Flem can’t.”
  • ”After doing his homework,Peter relaxes by watching public television... Flem watches underwear.”
  • ”Peter got many nice gifts for his birthday... Flem got a rash.”