"Phantom Planet" is the hour-length series finale to Danny Phantom.


Deep in space, Vlad emerges from a ghost portal near a satellite privately owned by him, having just successfully stolen the Infi-map from Frostbite. But soon after, Danny and his friends arrive on the scene and manage to retrieve the Infi-map. During the battle, Vlad's satellite is destroyed, and the evil billionaire decides it's time he concocted a plan to eliminate Danny Phantom once and for all. Unbeknownst to everyone, the satellite's explosion sends a giant glowing asteroid hurtling towards Earth.

Later, back on Earth, Danny and his friends find that Vlad has hired his own team of ghost hunters, named Master's Blasters, who prove to be much more effective at catching ghosts. And when they invade Fenton Works in search of Danny himself, arresting Jack and Maddie in the process, Danny decides that the world no longer needs him. Despite the protests from his friends, he activates the partially-disabled Ghost Portal and erases his ghost powers away. In doing so, the Fentons' ghost portal is totally destroyed, leaving Danny with seemingly no chance of regaining his powers. After paying for his parents' bail, Danny enjoys his new life as a fully-human teenager, despite how disappointed his friends (especially Sam) are in his rash decision.

Unfortunately, Danny soon finds that he picked the worst possible time to stop being Danny Phantom, for it's then revealed that an enormous asteroid that was thrown out of orbit (by Vlad's satellite exploding at the beginning of the episode), nicknamed the "Disasteroid", is hurtling towards Earth, threatening to destroy not only it, but the Ghost Zone as well. Vlad reveals his ghost-half to the entire world, saying that he will turn the Disasteroid intangible if he is declared ruler of the world and also paid $500,000,000,000. (Master's Blasters inexplicably disappear from the story after learning their boss is half-ghost.) Jack flies Vlad up to the Disasteroid, during which Vlad angrily reveals that he's been blaming Jack for the incident in college that turned him into the half-ghost creature he is now. Unfortunately, when Vlad goes to make the asteroid intangible, he finds that it is made of "ecto-ranium", which is harmful for ghosts to touch, and Jack, finally realizing what an evil person his former friend has become, abandons him in space.

Back on Earth, Danny and his friends have a backup plan - turning the Earth itself intangible. In order to do that, though, they need to recruit all the ghosts in the Ghost Zone. When Danny goes into the Ghost Zone to do so, however, his ghostly enemies are all too happy to get revenge for their previous defeats and all blast him at once... which somehow restores his ghostly powers. Returning to Amity Park, Danny announces the plan to wrap the Earth in metal tubes connecting to a central hub, and then use the ghosts' energy to turn the entire planet intangible. After he and Sam confess their feelings for each other, Danny returns to the Ghost Zone, catches all the ghosts, and convinces them, even Skulker, to listen to his plan. The ghosts all go with Danny's plan and they manage to turn the whole world intangible just barely long enough for the Disasteroid to fly through. Afterwards, Danny reveals his secret to everyone, which is accepted with great enthusiasm. Later, Tucker inexplicably becomes Amity Park's new mayor, while Danny, now hailed as a hero, gets a statue in the capital of every country of the world, and ends up finally dating Sam.

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  • Danny Phantom: Season 3
  • Danny Phantom: The Complete Series
  • Danny Phantom: The Final Season

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