"Phoebe's Little Problem" is the first segment of the 94th episode of Hey Arnold!


Phoebe is given a Perfect Attendance award at P.S. 118. After eating several of Arnold's prune cookies, she accidentally farts into a microphone while accepting her award. Ironically, she vows never to return to school after facing such humiliation.

Mr. Simmons, Stinky, Rhonda, Arnold, and Helga all try to cheer Phoebe up, but she feels even more embarrassed ever since Stinky said his poem's last line which was; "On account'a y'farted." Eventually, Arnold tells Phoebe that she has to face her problem head-on.

Taking Arnold's advice, Phoebe gives a speech in the auditorium, acknowledging that she farted, but stating that she is not just "that girl who farted", and that she is "much more than that." After Phoebe ends her speech, Harold stands up and begins mocking her, and ends up laughing so that he wets his pants. This incident takes the attention away from Phoebe and transfers it to Harold. The episode ends with Phoebe smiling and leaning back in her seat.


  • Gerald's voice actor, Jamil Walker Smith, left the cast after the episode "Gerald Vs. Jamie O.". As a result, he doesn't speak at all in this episode. However, it's rumored that he did speak in a deleted scene involving Mr. Simmons and Helga. His reference from "Gerald's Tonsils" is also mentioned.
  • The background music for "Never Let Go Of Hope" from "Stuck in a Tree" is played before Phoebe farts for the first time.
  • Mr. Simmons constantly breaks the fourth wall, and he says "what do you say we join the class and the rest of the school and forget about what just happened and put this little episode behind us forever? let’s move on and make a brand new fart."

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  • Hey Arnold!: Season 5
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