Rugrats Pickles' House
Pickles' Home
is the main setting for the Rugrats, and the home of the parents Stu and Didi Pickles, and their two sons, Tommy and Dil. Grandpa Lou also lived at the Pickles' home until he moved into the retirement home with Lulu. The address for their home 1258 N. Highland.


The Pickles's household's exterior has pink walls, a flat roof with gridlines, a red sloped façade built around the edges of the roofs, a canopied front entryway, and the garage is built on the right side of the house (Left side in All Grown Up!) There is also a satellite mounted on the roof.


The interior portion house consists of four bedrooms, one Stu and Didi's bed room, the second Grandpa Lou (later Dil's) room, the third is Tommy's room, and the final bedroom is a guest bedroom. The house has two bathrooms, one upstairs and the other downstairs, a den, a living room, a basement, and a kitchen.


  • The address for Stu and Didi's home was the original address for the Klasky-Csupo production company.
  • The iconic sound of the bell ringing can be heard in "As Told by Ginger" when Ginger Foutley rings the bell of the Patterson's residence in the episode "Piece of my Heart".
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