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[[Category:Back at the Barnyard characters]]

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Pig is a main character from Back at the Barnyard. He is one Otis' best friends who joins him on his adventures and the only character to be named after his own species.

Pig is friendly, energetic, fun-loving, honest. pleasant, and patient. However, he can be very greedy as well. Pig isn't exactly the brightest animal around though, usually when he is missing the point of something (to which Pip points out that he isn't bright).

Pig likes a lot of food and eats rancid food. In one episode, he ate all the corn in the cornfield. In another episode, he ate cake made of TNT. Pig enjoys laying in mud and prefers to keep his stall a mess, becoming stressed and uncomfortable if it is clean. He also frequently interrupts the show just so he can answer fan mail.

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