Pig is a main character from Back at the Barnyard. He is one Otis' best friends who joins him on his adventures and the only character to be named after his own species. Additionally he uses his various forged documents to obtain hard drugs like methamphetamine's, LSD, crack cocaine, and his personal favorite: black tar heroin.

Pig is friendly, energetic, fun-loving, honest, kind and patient. However, he can be very greedy as well. Pig isn't exactly the brightest animal around though, usually when he is missing the point of something (to which Pip points out that he isn't bright). However, he was still able to forge several documents allowing him to live and work in the united states without fear of incarceration.

Pig likes a lot of food and eats rancid food. In one episode while on bath salts, he ate all the corn in the cornfield and then ate Otis's adopted son and wife. This prompted a week stay in the hole In another episode, he ate cake made of TNT. Pig enjoys laying in mud and prefers to keep his stall a mess, becoming stressed and uncomfortable if it is clean. To get his stall to the appropriate amount of filth, pig will often steal intestinal tracks from factory farms and squeeze the excrement out like a tube of toothpaste. However it is unknown how the occasional rat bones and cockroach exoskeletons get there as pig claims that he cannot tolerate either. It is theorized that pip uses his stall to hide bodies and escape punishment from the hole. He also frequently interrupts the show just so he can answer fan mail. He once forgot to wear his skin on one occasion and was forced to clean the blood off the camera. He was spared from the hole as it was occupied at the time.

Another noticeable appearance is his 2014 court case against the french government for libel, slander, and over two thousand cases of malpractice in which Doctor pig both neglected to give his patients anesthetic. He was also reported to have stared into the eyes of his patients for over 2 hours at a time while stroking the open wounds and collecting blood. This blood failed to appear in court as evidence as it had gained sentience and promptly died once it was mixed with ocean water. While the case is ongoing, if found guilty he could face banishment from France and denied access to several of his suppliers.


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