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Pinky Malinky is an American animated web television series that was produced by Nickelodeon and released on Netflix. The series is created by Chris Garbutt and Rikke Asbjoern, and produced by Jam Filled Entertainment and Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Series production was announced in August 2015. It is the first ever Nicktoon to be produced for a streaming service and be distributed off of Nickelodeon networks.

On June 21, 2018, Deadline Hollywood reported that the show would premiere on Netflix later in summer 2018. It is amongst the shows being produced under the "studio model" for streaming services and mobile carriers not owned by Viacom, Nickelodeon's parent company.[1] The premiere date was given as August 17, 2018 in an article published by Fandom.[2] However, it was once again delayed and finally premiered several months later on January 1, 2019. Season 2 released on April 22, 2019, while the final season released on July 17, 2019.

Series description

"Pinky Malinky follows the title character, a hotdog living in a human world, who — along with his two best friends — made his first appearance on Nickelodeon in 2016. At the time, the character had an active social-media presence. The show uses the tropes of a mockumentary and reality show format, with Pinky and his friends will talk directly to the camera and the audience to share their silly take on real life."
―Description from Deadline Hollywood

Voice cast


  • This is the first Nickelodeon show to be produced for Netflix.
    • It is also the first full-length Nicktoon series to be produced for a streaming service.
  • Pinky Malinky was originally a short produced by Cartoon Network Studios Europe before Nickelodeon picked it up for a full series.




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