Piper O'Possum was the mascot on Nick Jr.. Piper introduced the shows and told viewers what show comes up next when commercial breaks began or ended.


Piper is a yellow opossum with an optimistic attitude. He can usually be found saying "We love to play!" and often introduces viewers to new friends. In the British dub. Piper is voiced by British voice-over actor on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr 2.


Piper O'Possum is mainly yellow. He has an orange nose, ears, hands and tail ending with a yellow pompom tip. Piper is animated using "photo-puppetry," similar to the cast of Wonder Pets! and other Little Airplane characters.


Piper appeared in over one hundred Nick Jr. commercials from 2004 to 2007, most of which were "Up Next" bumpers informing viewers of the upcoming program.


  • The name Piper O'Possum is a reference to Opossum.
  • He is created by Little Airplane and Bunko Studios (the studio and creators behind Moose and Zee)
  • He interacted with the Wonder Pets in a few bumpers: one where they helped him when he got his tail caught in a tree branch, and another when they babysit some live action babies.
  • His American voice actress, Ali Brustofski is a singer on YouTube with a million subscribers and a ton of views.

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