"Pizzawinners" is the first segment of the 15th episode of Breadwinners.


The episode opens with SwaySway and Buhdeuce delivering bread to Mr. Flutterbee. Mr. Flutterbee calls his kids for the bread. The two caterpillars kids crawl up Buhdeuce and make him uncomfortable. SwaySway and Buhdeuce begin to leave until a giant monster truck suddenly drives in and crashed the Rocket Van. Two cranes that look almost identical to SwaySway and Buhdeuce jump out of the truck. Zoona, the tall one, and Roni, the short one, begin to stomp the delievered bread.

Zoona and Roni walk up to Mr. Flutterbee and tell him that it's "his lucky day" and that he gets a free Pizzawinners pizza. The Breadwinners and the Pizzawinners begin to try to sway Flutterbee into buying their respective products. Mr. Flutterbee refuses their offers because their commotion was making his kids pre-maturely cocoon.

The Breadwinners and Pizzawinners start to agrue about the orders with them claiming that they messed up both duo's order. Zoona says that SwaySway and Buhdeuce are just jealous because deep down they know that Pizzawinners are better than Breadwinners. SwaySway tells her that what she said is "quazy" talk. Zoona challenges them to a race to see which team can make the most deliveries the fastest and that winner takes all.

The Pizzawinners end up winning. So they take The Swamp Pad, The  Bread Mines, The Rocket Van, The Magic Toaster, the pet frog (Jelly) , their Number One Customer (T - Midi) , SwaySway's dream girl (Jenny Quackles) , SwaySway's clothes, and Buhdeuce. When SwaySway comes to apologize to Buhdeuce and to say he should have listened to Buhdeuce, they start throw food at SwaySway and attract monsters. SwaySway and Buhdeuce save them and Swaysway gets all his stuff back. Then he admits that Buhdeuce is the only thing he needs and Sona says that he really needs is his shorts. At the end Zoona throws some pizza in there face, and Swaysway says that it's just like bread with stuff on it. SwaySway says don't tell anyone and Buhdeuce says he won't.