"Plankton's Good Eye" is the second segment of the 164th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


The episode begins with Mr. Krabs at his desk and whistling with pickles. SpongeBob enters and they briefly discuss Mr. Krabs' obsession with money. Then they both leave the room. Plankton pops out of the pickle jar. He hops on top of the secret formula's safe and attempts to open it. It doesn't open, even after Plankton studied the combination. Plankton soon falls off onto the floor. Mr. Krabs bursts in and, mistaking Plankton for a pickle and eats him, making Plankton bruised and injured all over. Approximately ten hours later, Plankton arrives at the Chum Bucket, when Karen suggests that Plankton should get a second eye to see the safe's combination more clearly as she states that with only one eye, he lacks depth perception. The two eye surgery Plankton attempts results in him turning into a creature with many eyes that combine to make one huge eye. On the second try, Plankton grow too many eyes Plankton has too many eyes. Plankton's new eye turns into an eye-creature with robotic legs. Finally, Karen says Plankton needs teardrops successfully complete the procedure, so he makes himself cry only to be told by Karen that he needs teardrops from a person that has two eyes. So Plankton pursues SpongeBob to get him to cry. After finding him having a picnic, Plankton tells SpongeBob a sad story about himself and his milk spilling and Plankton actually did so what happened in the story, causing SpongeBob to cry uncontrollably. Plankton gets the tear sample he sought after and begins the third surgery, in which Karen drops SpongeBob's tear liquid into Plankton's eye. An eye similar to one of SpongeBob's sprouts from his face, and Plankton sees things as SpongeBob does, that is, all happy and full of optimism. He goes after the secret formula, but instead stops to admire the beauty of his surroundings. When Plankton arrives again at the Chum Bucket near the end of the day, Karen realizes that the second eye is giving Plankton a split personality, calling him "Neevil". Plankton is stubborn and denies her claim, however, and tries to disprove her by stealing the formula, but Plankton is, once again, distracted by Bubble Bass, who was in need of a rescue from a burning building. After the rescue, Plankton randomly finds the formula on the ground and returns it to Mr. Krabs like a nice person, but Mr. Krabs, however, thinks Plankton is playing a trick. It is now that Krabs finally realizes that he actually is non-evil, and he tries to remove the eye several times but fails.

Plankton returns to the Chum Bucket and falls into despair. However, a surprise party is thrown for Plankton's good deeds. It seems that everybody in town is at the party. As SpongeBob hugs Plankton, the second eye falls off. Plankton becomes evil again and drives out the party-goers with red infrared lasers. The episode ends with Plankton bumping his head on the door because of his depth-perception issues caused by having only one eye.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 8th Season


  • Inside of SpongeBob, along with the spare milk carton, there was a pie.
  • There may be a possible references to the M-rated video game Resident Evil 4. When Plankton does experiments to create a second eye, a second eye comes out of his mouth (similar to Osmund Saddler from Resident Evil 4); and when an eye grows a spider-like body, similar to Saddler's final form. The latter however could also be a reference to H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds.
  • This is the first episode that Sandy steps on Plankton. He remembers her squishing him because he was most likely a jerk.
  • This episode is similar to the comic strip Spongeclops (in the 2009 Halloween issue of the now defunct Nickelodeon Magazine) when Plankton wants two eyes, but in the comic, everyone gets one eye like Plankton.
  • It was unknown why Bubble Bass couldn't clear the fire himself since he had a large soda with him. The whole soda couldn't put out the fire but Bubble Bass could have a possible chance of escaping.
  • Also, along with the top fact, when Bubble Bass jumps out of the window, Plankton offers to catch him. But since of Plankton's smallness, it didn't make a difference if Bubble Bass fell out of the window with nobody catching him. So Bubble Bass would be fine by just jumping out of the window.
  • In real life, Plankton wouldn't have inherited SpongeBob's personality because your personality is not in your eyes. It's possible that the reason is because the second eye has SpongeBob's DNA, and SpongeBob's personality is implanted in him DNA.
  • This is Bubble Bass' first appearance since the Season 1 episode "F.U.N.", unless one also counts his appearance in SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.
  • So far, this is Karen's most evil appearance because she encourages Plankton to be evil and hates him being good.
  • When Plankton becomes one giant eyeball with limbs, he sort of resembles a Patapon.


  • Plankton at the end chased everybody out with "infrared" lasers, but if they were really infrared, they would be impossible to see (the prefix "infra" means below or lower than, so it means a color beyond the lowest color perception (red) a human can see).
  • When Plankton tries to open Mr. Krabs' safe, he tries to pull it open from the wrong side, so even if he knew the combination, he couldn't have gotten it open.

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