Politea is an evil Sirenix fairy and one of the nine nymphs of Town Hall, as Daphne. Politea and Daphne had fought against the Ancestral Witches to protect the Magic Dimension and the Infinite Ocean, but she betrayed Daphne to the Ancestral Witches and they placed a curse on Sirenix which turned Daphne into a bodiless spirit and Politea into a dragon-like monster who resided in a shark-shaped cave in the Infinite Ocean. Darcy and Stormy stole Politea's evil Sirenix abilities and she simply faded from reality.

In The Mystery of the Abyss, she is revealed to have returned as a bodiless spirit (as Daphne had been when her Sirenix powers were cursed) and allied herself with the Trix to obtain the Pearl of the Depths, the greatest power of the Infinite Ocean. She had them manipulate Tritannus into abducting Sky and using him to obtain the mighty powers of the Emperor's Throne. When Tritannus finally acquired the Pearl, she revealed herself to him and used her dark magic to control him and the Trix. She ordered them to attack the Winx Club while she used the mighty abilities of the Pearl to restore her physical form and rule the magical universe. She was again destroyed by a powerful Sirenix convergence of the Winx.

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