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Genre: Children's animated comedy
Created by: Ant Blades
Written by: Ant Blades
Tony Haase
Larry Strauss
Directed by: Ant Blades
Producer(s): Carla Shelley
Executive producer(s): Ant Blades
Starring: Ross Mullan
Teresa Gallagher
Bobby Lockwood
Chris Anderson
Scott McAfee
Julia Sawalha
Composer(s): Mark Thomas
Country of origin: United Kingdom
United States
Original release: 2019 - {{{last_aired}}}
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Pony is an upcoming Nicktoon set to premiere in 2019. It follows the life of an average girl, Annie, her (almost) average family and what happens when an excitable, unpredictable, loveable and talking pony comes to live with them in their city apartment. Pony is the first animated series to be greenlit for the U.S. from Nickelodeon International.

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