"Rabbid Dreams" is a first segment in the seventeenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode starts when Cody is telling they're are making another experiment by looking in rabbids dreams. Jessica Xenson saids they're wasting time to wait for talk. Cody press the button and the experiment starts. The first rabbid is on the platform and looked bored. Cody is releasing the music that can make him sleep. The first rabbid hear that song and looks like going to sleep. Cody says that he is going to sleep but it revealed the first rabbid was dancing. Jessica Xenson says if he have Plan B.. Cody press another button for Plan B. The other one was the same song but he's not sleeping. Cody press the other button for another one. A crane was above the rabbid's head and the book was dropped. The book hitted him and the first rabbid was not happy. Jessica Xenson saids if he can read the book. The next one was a television. It played when Jessica Xenson by teaching about the DNA. Jessica wasn't quite happy. But the rabbid fall asleep. They are now looking in the first rabbid dream.

The dream starts when the rabbid is sitting on a stump and was looking bored. But there was an egg on the first rabbid butt and got happy but there only one egg so he throw away and he lay another egg and throw eggs several attempts. Jessica was about to quit but there another one that wasn't finished. The second rabbid is on the platform and he saw the first rabbid dream. Cody uses the same one that he do but dosen't work again. Cody is staring at Jessica if he can played the video that he do. Jessica says he can play the video. The video played and he fall asleep. They are now looking in the second rabbid dream.

The second dream starts the the rabbid was at the mall but wasn't at the ground. He was floating in gravity and start flying. He fly through the crowds and he kissed a woman (who resembles Jessica with a blue coat on) and continue flying. He flyed through Mona and still continue flying around. But got hitted by an elevator and stop floating. Cody says it was amazing except Jessica telling that he will get fired if he dosen't have another one. The third rabbid and was looking excited but he saw another one that Cody pressed. They are watching the the third rabbid dream.

The third dream starts that the rabbid is human-talking and looked like the same that Jessica do. Jessica felt surprised but Cody looked bored. Jessica was quite happy and wrote it. Cody says this is his part of a plan. The third scientist rabbid is telling he making an experiment on humans. Jessica says what's going on. Cody dosen't know and wasn't his plan. The scientist rabbid turns on a screen showing Jessica's DNA teaching, (only with the female rabbid wearing glasses and speaking english instead of Jessica. This causes Cody to start dreaming making Jessica worried and the scientist rabbid is making an hypnotism on her. She got hypnotised and fall asleep.

Jessica start dreaming about the second rabbid dream. The elevator door was open and the second rabbid enter the elevator. The elevator and the second rabbid disappeared and transport to the first rabbid dream. The second rabbid get out of the elevator and start flying again. But there were 2 eggs being thrown by the first rabbid. The first rabbid wants to hit him again but the second rabbid dodges. He start laying many eggs and throw at him. He dodge those eggs and start getting him. The first rabbid runs to the elevator and climb but being grabbed by the second rabbid and they disappeared again. They transported to the third rabbid dream. The first rabbid was riding on the second rabbid and start shooting eggs while flying. The 2 of them get hitted by eggs. Jessica managed to wake up but is not finished. The scientist rabbid was sitting beside Jessica and Jessica got scared but she saw Cody at the testing room. The other rabbids wakes up and start talking. But there was a baby chicken inside the rabbid's mouth. It turned upside down after the rabbid throw the baby chicken away. The scientist rabbid is human-talking and was looking at them. The second rabbid was floating and there is a floating medical kit. The medical kit stopped floating and it opened. He bring electrical thing and goes to the front. Jessica start screaming and she wakes up and Cody also. It revealed was a dream. The other rabbid also stop dreaming and the screen fades. The episode ends when the screen is off.


  • The main antagonist: At first it was Cody and Jessica, but then the true villain is revealed to be the Scientist rabbid.
  • This is the Scientist Rabbid's first apearence in the show.
  • It is also possibly the most creepiest episode.