"Rabbid Games" is a second segment in the eighteenth episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode starts with the poster is showing an olympic and the rabbids are kicking their butts until one of those saw the truck is coming closer to the rabbids. The truck almost hit them but the truck back door was open and all plungers are out. The rabbid saw a golden plunger and grab it. He wanted to show them the golden plunger but not paying attention and he walked away. The rabbids know what to do is :( Olympic Games)

After that, the female rabbid is preparing to sing and start singing but saw a javelin and almost dead on the javelin. The first event was Javelin. The rabbid are throwing plungers but threw in a short distance. The other rabbid also threw in a short distance but beat the other rabbid record. The rabbid pick up his plunger and cheated to move his plunger saids that he will get the world record. The other rabbid also cheated that he will get the world record but they all want to beat their record. The first rabbid gives up and the second rabbid look surprised to see him quit the first event.

The female rabbid is singing perfectly but get hitted by the hammer and stop singing. The second event was Hammer Throw. The first rabbid throw the plunger by rolling around but throw at the same distance. The second rabbid is throwing the plunger but got dizzy when throwing by rolling around. But the plunger that the second rabbid throws was at the chicken is a world record. The first rabbid dosen't look happy to see him win again and tried to hit him with a plunger. The third rabbid tries to show them the golden plunger but they're not even looking and he walked away again.

She is holding a big cone as a speaker and start singing but the pole hit through her mouth from the cone. The third event was Pole Vault. They need to get pass through the pole by using pole putting on the chicken's mouth. The first rabbid will go first and tried to jump through the pole but failed. The second rabbid was about to get through the pole but get tripped and got through the pole. The first rabbid was not happy and was about to broke the plunger but failed. The second rabbid is making happy victory dance and there were 4 chicken looked at him happy but the first rabbid throw baby chickens at the chicken and the second rabbid looked at him.

The female rabbid is checking if there something else tries to hit her and then she start singing but get hitted by a ball above her head. The fourth event was Ball Throwing. The first rabbid throw the other baby chicken but threw in a short distance. The second rabbid is picking up the baby chicken that the first rabbid throw. He start rolling around but the first rabbid throw the other baby chicken to make him that he lose. He throw at the second rabbid at his back. He threw the baby chick far away but got mistaken by saw one of the baby chicken and felt shocked to see he throw in a short distance. The baby chicken lands on the the golden plunger that the third rabbid holding. He saw a baby chicken and wanted to show this. The third rabbid is making the other rabbid to see this but he dosen't listen at all and he stayed.

After that, The female rabbid wear something to keep her head safe and was singing perfectly but saw a bow target at the female rabbid and she looked surprised. She continue singing but the bow start pulling. She said the last word and the bow pulling even more and was about to shoot the bow. The fifth event was Archery. The rabbids are about to shoot. The second rabbid shoot first but misses. The first rabbid shoot and hit one of the chickens. The first rabbid was quite happy except the second rabbid. The second rabbid give one of the plungers as the bow and the first rabbid was about to shoot but got missed when the second rabbid make him miss-aim. He got sad but he looked at the second rabbid shooting 3 plungers. The second plunger is on the ground. The third plunger is on the pen cause the chickens to fall off. However, they lost sight of the bow and the first plunger just hitted him and the first rabbid looked surprised to see him get shot.

The next one, the female rabbid was singing but wasn't on the ground. She was singing while she was diving and then got hurted. The sixth event was Diving. The second rabbid will be diving first but it it too high to make the rabbid for a perfect diving. The first rabbid cheated trying to make him get an unperfect landing. He got too high jumping and then finished. The first rabbid is making a perfect diving on the bucket but fail because the second rabbid moves the bucket.

The female rabbid was singing while running but get hitted by a hurdle when she run. The seventh event was 110m Hurdles. The rabbids are ready to go and all waited until start. The second rabbid run first and the first rabbid was also running. The second rabbid hit him with a plunger but he got tripped by a plunger. The first rabbid jump over the chickens as the hurdles. But it was a short jump and the second rabbid hit two chickens and ride a chicken on it. Both of them start moving in circle until the first rabbid get one of the chicken and ride on it. The first rabbid throw the baby chick and prepare to play.

The female rabbid was too scared to get hitted. She start to sing and check. After that, she continues singing but the ground was shaking revealed to be cows. The eighth event was Horse Riding. The rabbids start to fight each other and getting the baby chick. The baby chick was hitted and moved to the right side. The third rabbid start to get tired by holding it but the baby chick that was hitted landed in front of the third rabbid, grab and put on the golden plunger. The third rabbid is showing them that now he's holding 2 baby chicks. The others saw the third rabbid was holding 2 baby chicks. The second rabbid throw the plunger away and the others chases the third rabbid to get the golden plunger. But the chickens got tired while on the previous event. They have to get him on foot. The first rabbid's plunger was about to hit the third rabbid but misses. The others wants the golden plunger but the third rabbid dosen't wanted to give the golden plunger. The truck come again and almost hitted them but the truck's back door was open in the same time. The furniture land on the rabbids and got stucked. There is also a golden furniture on the fridge.

The female rabbid watches them stucked into furniture and finally can sing but the episode ends before she saids one single word.