Ralph Bighead is Ed and Bev Bighead's son. He was disowned by Ed for not wanting to work for Conglom-O like his father, so he went to Hollo-Wood to become a cartoonist, which had always been his dream. However, he and Ed finally reunited and ended their feud after Ralph attends his parents' wedding anniversary after being informed of the event by Rocko.

Ralph rose to fame after creating a cartoon show called The Fatheads, about a married couple based loosely on his parents. After ending production on the show, Ralph intends on creating the world's largest still life, but his bosses tell him that he needs to create a new show for them. In an attempt to get out of his contract, Ralph hired Rocko, Heffer and Filburt to create an intentionally bad cartoon called Wacky Delly to have it immediately cancelled. Instead, the show became a runaway hit, much to his dismay. After several attempts at creating bad episodes, such as showing a tub of mayo for ten whole minutes, Ralph finally gets involved in the series, but it's only then that Wacky Delly is canceled and his wish to leave the studio unintentionally comes true. In the end, he finally creates his masterpiece, only to find out that it is not as popular as Wacky Delly originally was.