Randall "Randy" Carmichael (also known as Mr. Carmichael or "Mr. Dummi Bear") is the father of Susie, Alisa, Edwin, and Buster and also the husband of Lucy. He is a writer for the "Dummi Bears" TV show. He lives across the street from Stu and Didi. While at home, Randy doesn't like to talk about the "Dummi Bears" or his job. Although he doesn't like to talk about his job, in "Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster" he seems very enthusiastic about his plots that he writes, however, his boss does not seem to like his ideas, finding them boring. He's voiced by the late Ron Glass.


Mr. Carmichael insists that he stays in his current neighborhood, calling his neighbors inspiration and a "writer's goldmine". Randy seems to keep a mature, calm attitude. He apparently once won an award for his comedic talents (most likely in his writing for the Dummi Bears), which is surprising given his attitude. His catchphrase would soon be "Or a bear!". In the All Grown Up! episode, "Interview with a Campfire", during a play depicting settlers, he plays a villager. When he is asked who might be knocking on the door, he drammatically screams "Or a bear!". It was then that Randall Carmichael realized that he was the greatest actor of all time, parallel to Will Smith.


Randy is an African-American man with brown skin and dark hair. He has a full set of lips like other Black characters on the show and has a pair of white eyes with black pupils(as is the usual for the show's art style). He has a mustache.


Randy Carmichael has appeared in several episodes of Rugrats. His first appearance was in Meet the Carmichaels.


  • He and Lucy must be significantly older than the parents of the other Rugrats, particularly due to how their oldest child and youngest child have a thirteen year age difference.
  • He and his wife created a complex chores chart for their kids.
  • It is revealed in "Runaround Susie" that Randy married Lucy due to her beautiful singing.


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