"Raving Alien" is the third segment of the 20th episode of Rabbids Invasion.


The episode begins with Thomas Glaunt and Mona Clouseau waiting for the bus, then a map of the city leading to the dessert is shown. then the Alien Is sitting at another bus stop, looking depressed about his UFO crashing. then the rabbids come by and ask him what's wrong. he then tells them how he got to earth and how he needs help, but they got off to a bad start and the most annoying thing is a rabbid wanting him to give him an autograph. When they head to a gas station (by mistake), they were ordered to get milk for his UFO. One rolls away by accident on a barrel. Then the alien tries to use a baby bottle, but the Jenkins Gluant's parents found out and screamed in fear and the rabbids imitate it. The alien got hit by the mom of the baby and they go away. The alien accidentally dropped the baby bottle. However a truck came by with a cow. So he gets milk from the cow and says goodbye to the rabbids. Meanwhile. The rabbid on the rolling barrel passes and says hi to Thimothy and Mona.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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