"Raw Deal" is the second segment of the 21st episode of The Loud House.


The Loud family is spending the day at Grand Venture State Park. On the car ride over, Lucy opts to keep her siblings entertained with her fortune-telling cards, despite what Lisa thinks. However, when she reads Lincoln's fortune, she is horrified to reveal that it says his day will "end in tragedy". Upon hearing this, Lincoln is petrified, especially when his sisters' fortunes start coming true when they stop at a gas station. Lisa, however, remains skeptical, since she was predicted to make an important scientific discovery before entering the park and it hasn't happened yet. This gives Lincoln a ray of hope, but as soon as they arrive at Grand Venture State Park, Lisa finds an egg that hatches to reveal an owl with deer antlers, which she calls a "dowl". Needless to say, this makes Lincoln even more worried.

Fearing the worst, Lincoln spends the whole day not taking part in all the fun activities his parents and sisters are doing at the park, spouting off ridiculous things that might happen to him. Later that day, Lisa holds a press conference for the "dowl", with her parents and siblings coming to watch (despite Lincoln fearing he might be blinded by the camera flashes). Just then, however, the "dowl"'s antlers fall off and revealed to actually be fake. Lisa confronts the park ranger about this, and he confesses that he staged this hoax to drum up some publicity, because guests have stopped coming to the park ever since its geyser stopped erupting. Upon realizing that Lisa never actually made any scientific discovery, Lincoln realizes he was never in any danger at all, and that the only tragedy he suffered was that he missed out on having fun with his family. Later, though, as the family is getting ready to leave, Lincoln hears a booming sound and looks behind a bush to see that the park's geyser has finally erupted for the first time in years, and he's the only one who saw it.


  • The park ranger resembles Ranger Smith from Yogi Bear.

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  • The Loud House: Season 1, Volume 2: It Gets Louder

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