Raymond "Ray" Phillip Preston is the tetartagonist of The Haunted Hathaways. He's the father of the Preston family. He and his two sons, Louie and Miles, are ghosts that occupy a house that Michelle Hathaway and her daughters, Taylor Hathaway and Frankie Hathaway, move in to in the Pilot episode. Ray is portrayed by Chico Benymon. It is currently unknown what the cause of his death was.

Ray is super protective over his two sons, but still wants them to get along with the living. Like Michelle, he's a single parent to his two kids. He's quite protective of his family and home but comes to an understanding with Michelle with whom he shares a familiar bond. Though he struggles to raise good ghosts who like to haunt while “living” with humans, he eventually sees the upside to living with mortals and ultimately agrees to form this alternative “family” for the good of his sons.


  • He can play the saxophone.
  • He's in a Jazz band.
  • Ray is afraid of dogs and clowns.
  • He is a level ten Ghost.
  • When he's nervous he lost all control of himself.
  • He is one of the few ghosts to know who the Thunderman family are and that they have super powers.
  • He's good at saxophone, but he's terrible in bird call.