ReactToThat is a reality television show. Airing over a course of two weeks from December 15, 2014, It is based on the series of React videos made by Benny and Rafi Fine of the FIne Brothers' YouTube channel.

The show featured Reactors from both the Kids React and Teens React YouTube series. Originally, 13 episodes were ordered to air, but only 12 were aired. The videos were mostly viral videos that were deemed suitable to air on Nickelodeon.

Produced by both Ncredible Entertainment and Fine Brothers Entertainment, the show promotes itself as one to:

"not only watch and respond to viral videos, but pop out of the reaction room and into showdowns where the clips come to life as each reactor is confronted with a challenge based on the video they just watched."
The show ended its run on January 1, 2015.


Throughout the show's run, it featured segments, here are the list.

  • Finish the Story - One of the Reactors break down their prediction of what happens next in the viral video.
  • Challenge - The Reactors try to challenge and attempt to surpass goal and achievements done in the viral videos they watch.
  • Don't Smile Challenge - Like on the Try Not To Laugh Challenge, the Reactors have to try to not laugh. If they smile or laugh, they're eliminated.
  • Which is...? - The Reactors vote which of the two viral videos is better.
  • Real Or Fake - The Reactors determine if the viral video is actually real or faked.
  • Remix - Similar to the Challenge Segment, the Reactors try to replicate the stunts and tricks seen on the video.
  • What Was Your Favorite? - The concluding segment where the Reactors pick their favorite viral videos of the episode.