Reggie's Secret Admirer is the fourth Ready-to-Read storybook based on Rocket Power.


Reggie is asked to be a judge in the Mt. Shiver Freestyle Skiing Competition, which Otto happens to be competing in. Then, in the week leading up to the competition, she finds herself receiving gifts from a secret admirer referring to himself as "J.B." Thanks to Sam, she finds out that her secret admirer is Jason Burns, one of Otto's opponents in the competition. Sam speculates that Jason has been sending Reggie these gifts so that she'll give him her vote in the competition. Reggie, however, doesn't believe that Jason is not trustworthy.

On the day of the competition, Jason offers to take Reggie out for pizza if he wins the contest. However, a few minutes later, Twister happens to videotape Jason tampering with the binding on Otto's skis right before the contest starts. During the contest, Otto loses one of his skis thanks to Jason's sabotage, but manages to make it through the routine; however, he loses to Jason by one point. Sam then shows Twister's video to Reggie and the other judges, exposing to them that Jason sabotaged Otto's skis. Upon seeing this, Reggie turns Jason down, and Otto is declared the winner.

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