Repair man man

Whenever a device, item, or piece of equipment broke in a household, workplace, or public area, Repairman (played by Kel Mitchell) appeared (usually by falling from the sky and crashing into something on the way like a ceiling, roof, or wall), claiming he could fix it. However, he usually ends up further damaging the article he intended to repair, finding other things in the vicinity to “repair," and ultimately angering the owners (except Bacteria who, although initially angry, joined him in "repairing" things after their concert audience loved it). In the beginning of the sketch when asked to identify himself he exclaimed with a self-made echo, “I’M REPAIR MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN-MAN!!” He would finish off his introduction with a rather sinister and insane laugh. Once he called in a "second opinion" and introduced a one-time sidekick named REPAIR BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY-BOY (played by Leon Frierson) who also fell out of the sky.

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