Angelica holding a Reptar bar

Angelica holding a Reptar Bar.

"Reptar bar, Reptar bar, the candy bar supreme!
The candy bar that turns your tongue greeeeen!"
―Angelica quoting the final lines of the Reptar Bar jingle

The Reptar Bar is a snack that originated as a fictional item on Rugrats, first appearing in the series' first Halloween episode, "Candy Bar Creep Show". As the name suggests, it is a chocolate bar based on Reptar, the Rugrats' favorite dinosaur. According to the snack's advertising jingle, which Angelica sings in the episode, it contains "chocolate, and nuts, and caramel, and green stuff" (actually green-colored frosting) that makes the consumer's tongue look green when they eat it.

In "Candy Bar Creep Show", the Pickles give out Reptar Bars to the neighborhood kids who come trick-or-treating to the haunted house they have set up. After Angelica shows the babies a Reptar Bar that she got early as she boasts about how she's being allowed to trick-or-treat before any of them, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, and Lil sneak into the haunted house to try and get their hands on the Reptar Bars themselves. They inadvertently end up scaring Angelica and some other trick-or-treaters, as well as Grandpa Lou, and then obtain the Reptar Bars that the trick-or-treaters left behind.

Reptar Bars also appeared in the series' first PlayStation game, Rugrats: Search for Reptar, where they can be found hidden throughout the game. The player must collect fifteen of them in order to obtain one of the missing pieces to Tommy's jigsaw puzzle.

Real-life Reptar Bar

The defictionalized Reptar Bar.

In October 2017, a real-life version of the Reptar Bar was produced and sold exclusively at F.Y.E. stores.[1] Unlike the candy bar seen in the show, the defictionalized Reptar Bar is not molded in Reptar's likeness, nor does it appear to contain nuts and caramel, but it does still have the green frosting. A white chocolate variant was also made, with purple frosting. Another milk chocolate variant, inspired by the episode "Reptar on Ice", became available for the holiday season of 2018, starting on November 8th; this version had ice blue frosting. In addition, F.Y.E. also began selling a limited "Deluxe" edition of Reptar Bars which bare more resemblance to the ones seen on the show, including being shaped like Reptar and containing caramel milk chocolate with peanut crunch.[2]


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