Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie is an animated movie spun off from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was announced to be in production for Netflix on February 5, 2019, and debuted on the platform on August 5, 2022.


In the year 2044, the alien Krang has invaded the earth and the resistance has fallen. In one final attempt, Leonardo and Michelangelo send their student Casey Jones back in time to stop the invasion by finding a key that allowed the Krang to come to the earth.

Casey is sent to the present day, two years after Shredder's defeat. While Leo breaks Donnie's pizza box stack record, Raph alerts both of them and Mikey of a theft unfolding by Hypno-Potamus and Warren Stone, with the key that Casey is looking for is included with the stolen items. The Turtles manage to stop them, but the Foot ninjas arrive and claim the key. Back in the lair, Raph and Leo get into an argument due to the latter's self-centeredness. Meanwhile, Casey finds April who knocks him out and takes him to the Turtles lair. He then explains that he is from the future, and after saying Krang's name, Splinter explains that they came to Earth a long time ago and were exiled to another realm by a band of warriors with mystic powers and that they are worshiped by the Foot. The Turtles, along with Casey, go after the Foot, who have managed to open the portal. Their fight against the Krang causes them to lose their mystic powers, but Leo manages to seize the key and close the portal while Raph remains behind so he could escape.

Afterwards, the remaining Turtles, along with Casey, go after the Krang and Raph while Splinter and April remain behind to get rid of the key. The Krang manage to find the Turtles lair through Raph, they then parasitically possess the members of the Foot clan and sends them after the key while they preparing the portal on top of the Empire State Building.

The Turtles and Casey are ambushed in the sub-way tunnels and are nearly destroyed, but manage to survive and are split up. Casey calls out Leo for his arrogance before they reunite with the rest of the Turtles. They then find Raph, who has been possessed by Krang and seizes the key, the Krang uses the key to open the portal and bring forth the Technodrome.

While April, Splinter, and Casey occupy the Krang forces, the Turtles board the ship. Leo goes after Raph, while Don and Mikey try to seize control of the ship. They are captured, but Leo helps Raph break free and the brothers manage to get their mystic powers back. While the other three are thrown out of the ship, Leo takes the Krang back to their prison realm and orders Casey to close the portal. He is trapped in the realm, but Mikey, Raph, and Donnie saves him in the nick of time, leaving Krang alone in the prison realm.

After the battle, the heroes relax on the rooftops and are having pizza. They watch the city as it is being rebuilt and make a vow to defend it when it is needed. Afterwards, Raph tries to break Leo's record.


Voice actor Character
Ben Schwartz Leonardo
Omar Benson Miller Raphael
Office Workers
Josh Brener Donatello
Security AI
Tank AI
Dragged Man
Brandon Mychal Smith Michelangelo
Foot Soldiers
Eric Bauza Splinter
Foot Soldiers
Radio Newscaster
Secret Agent
Kat Graham April O'Neil
Cafe Customers
Jim Pirri Kraang #1
Military Soldiers
Toks Olagundoye Kraang #2
Window Woman
Haley Joel Osment Casey Jones
Foot Soldiers
Rob Paulsen Foot Lieutenant
Panicked Man
Military Soldiers
Van Movers
Eugene Byrd Security Guard
Officer Workers
Cafe Customers
Oliver Vaquer Professor Boringson
Helicopter Reporter
Van Movers
Nika Futterman News Anchor Tanya
Cafe Customers
Incidental Girl
John Michael Higgins Warren Stone
Rhys Darby Hypno-Potamus
Meghan Falcone Office Workers



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