Rita Loud is the mother of the eponymous family and a major character of The Loud House. In the show's first season, she and her husband Lynn Loud Sr. were typically only seen from the neck down, or would have their faces obstructed, the reason being to visually empower the Loud kids to solve their problems. Their faces were finally revealed in the second season premiere, "11 Louds a Leapin'", and have been shown regularly ever since.

Rita works as a dental assistant to Dr. Feinstein, though she has spent her downtime working on a novel, which she mentions to have finished writing in "Write and Wrong", and as of that episode, now has her own parenting advice column in the newspaper. She is generally caring toward her children, but is not afraid to punish them if they go too far. She and her husband of eleven act playfully romantic toward each other, though she is apparently more level-headed than him.

She has also made a guest appearance on the spin-off The Casagrandes.

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