Robo-Dog is a character in the Nick Jr. series PAW Patrol. He serves as the driver of the PAW Patrol's multi-member vehicles: the PAW Patroller, Air Patroller, Mission PAW Cruiser and Sea Patroller.

He is one of the four "later" members of the team, along with Everest, Cap'n Turbot, and Tracker. He is the only member without a call-out.


Robo-Dog has a metallic white body and blue ears. His face is a gray screen with blue holographic eyes and a black nose. His collar is orange and bears a blue tag with a white paw on it. His tail serves as his antenna to receive commands from Ryder's controller.


Robo-Dog is Ryder's dog robot. He was created by Ryder, with some help from Rocky. Unlike the other pups, Robo-Dog does not speak in sentences and only communicates through barks.


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