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The following is a list of episodes in the second season of Rocket Power.

# Image Title Original air date
(United States)
21 No Image "All About Sam" March 28, 2000
When a new kid named Josh arrives in Ocean Shores, he tries to buddy up with the Rockets, but is not exactly met with open arms. He soon finds a sympathetic friend in Sam, who introduces him to the gang.
No Image "Half-Twister" March 28, 2000
Twister becomes scared to do any sports after beefing it hard and after an oblivious Otto rags on him.
22 No Image "Twisting Away" July 4, 2000
Twister makes a mess in the backyard, among other things and believes his parents are sending him away.
No Image "The Spot Remover" July 4, 2000
Raymundo, Tito and the kids take the day off and head to their secret spot. The locals become upset with them though after they trash the beach and disrespect the surf line.
23 No Image "Rocket Repairs" July 5, 2000
After Otto fixes a skateboard for Eddie, the gang realizes they can make money by fixing sporting equipment and decide to start a repair business. Business start slowly, but soon booms after Otto gets the word out. Otto, however, has an agenda of his own.
No Image "Say Hello to Cement Head" July 5, 2000
The kids sneak in on a new ramp being constructed at Madtown. Twister accidentally falls in the cement and causes Conroy to close the park.
24 No Image "Shark Bait" July 6, 2000
When Ocean Shores is overrun with shoobies, Otto gets the idea to fake a shark sighting in order to try to clear the beach.
No Image "A Shot in the Park" July 6, 2000
Twister sneaks in a closed exhibit in a waterpark and loses his camera in the process.
25 No Image "Radical New Equipment" July 7, 2000
Ray and Tito take the kids on a snowboarding weekend, where they see a class of physically challenged snowboarders.
No Image "Tito's Lucky Shell" July 7, 2000
When Sam finds an unusual shell, he takes it back to the shack to show the gang.
26 No Image "The Longest Day" July 6, 2000
The Rocket gang compete against Lars and his gang for a spot on the Wall of Fame inside the Shore Shack.
No Image "Ottoman and the Sea" July 6, 2000
During a camping weekend, Otto, Twister, Reggie and Sam convince Raymundo to let them go fishing by themselves in the boat.
27 No Image "Mr. B Is in the House" July 7, 2000
Otto and Twister learn that Conroy is their new teacher for the school year.
No Image "Earnest Otto" July 7, 2000
After Otto breaks his third surfboard in a row, Raymundo decides it's time for him to get a lesson in responsibility.
28 No Image "The Good Housekeeping Seal" September 23, 2000
Twister befriends a seal after feeding and playing with it at the beach. Lt. Tice isn't having it though and makes Twister give up his new friend.
No Image "What's That Smell?" September 23, 2000
Otto volunteers the Rocket gang to clean up the trash on the beach and in response they get the beach named after them. There is a bigger problem with the trash that they must solve however.
29 No Image "Legends and Their Falls" February 23, 2001
All of Ray and Tito's old surfing buddies and their families come to Ocean Shores to compete in the annual Fourth of July Legends and Family Surf-O-Rama.
No Image "Welcome to Ottoworld" February 23, 2001
At school, the kids learn there will be a time capsule buried in Ocean Shores. They all dream about what Ocean Shores will look like in 500 years.
30 No Image "Bruised Man's Curve" March 5, 2001
Lars challenges Otto to a race on "Bruised Man's Curve", a dangerous mountain-board track that doesn't get its name for nothing.
No Image "Pool's Out Forever" March 5, 2001
The kids find out that Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, has gotten a new pool. Otto desperately wants to skate it before they fill it.
31 No Image "Back Bowl" March 6, 2001
When the gang are up at Mt. Baldy for a snowboarding weekend, Otto and Twister attempt to beat the crowds by taking a run down the off-limits backside of the mountain.
No Image "Game Day" March 6, 2001
The gang gets burnt out after practicing hockey for hours. Sam, Twister and Reggie are ready to give it up, but Otto is still in a competitive mood.
32 No Image "It Came From Planet Merv" March 7, 2001
After Sam gives Twister a comic book, Twister convinces Otto that Merv is an alien.
No Image "Netherworld Night" March 7, 2001
Eddie, Prince of the Netherworld, invites the Rocket gang to his house for a sleepover.
33 No Image "Here's the Twist" March 8, 2001
The Rocket gang try to out-do each other with April Fools gags.
SamTheKingOfKickball "Sam, King of Kickball" March 8, 2001
Conroy takes over gym class at the kids' school and introduces kickball as the new sport.
34 No Image "Tito Time" April 2, 2001
Ray and Tito make a bet that Tito can't keep up with the Rocket kids for a week.
Clio and Reggie in skating gear "The Return of Clio" April 2, 2001
When Twister's cousin Clio returns to Ocean Shores, she begins showing up Otto and doing all his tricks better than he can.
35 No Image "That Old Skateboard" April 3, 2001
When Otto finds a broken skateboard in the trash, he gives it to Sam. However, they didn't realize it was a special skateboard from the 70s. After Sam fixes it up, Otto becomes jealous.
No Image "Follow the Leader" April 3, 2001
After Otto and Twister get into an argument over who was responsible for losing the street hockey game with Lars, Otto challenges Twister to be team captain for the next game.
36 ChannelSurfing "Channel Surfing" April 4, 2001
When the surf is flat, Sam suggests to surf the waves from the big boats in the ship channel.
No Image "Outta My Pit!" April 4, 2001
The kids build a hangout on the beach and try to keep Lars and his gang out.
37 No Image "Capture the Flag" April 5, 2001
To settle a tie game of Capture The Flag, the kids use the Ocean Shores pier for their game field.
No Image "The Jinx" April 5, 2001
The gang gets invited to go to surf the backside of Catalina Island, but they are unsure whether or not they should bring Sam with them, thinking he's a jinx.
38 No Image "Hurricane Maurice" April 6, 2001
A hurricane strikes Ocean Shores, and Twister loses his camera after the kids were out wind-skating, which means he and Otto must venture out into the storm to find it.
No Image "Reggie's Choice" April 6, 2001
Reggie finally joins the California All-State Girls' volleyball team as she's always wanted, but this means she has to train for both this and her hockey team, and the overexertion may force her to choose only one team to give her time to.
39 No Image "Losers Weepers" March 22, 2004
The kids take a motorized skateboard and agree to keep it hidden, however it turns out to be too much fun to handle.
No Image "Reggie: The Movie" March 22, 2004
After seeing a shark movie, Reggie becomes afraid of the water.
40 No Image "Double-O Twistervision" June 29, 2001
The Rocket kids decide to shoot an action movie and then screen it at the Shore Shack.
No Image "Womp Race 2000" June 29, 2001
When the California Incline gets repaved, the Rockets kids set up a race between Lars and his gang to see who gets the hill named after them.
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