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The following is a list of episodes in the fourth season of Rocket Power.

At 11 episodes, this is the show's shortest season.


# Image Title Original air date (United States)
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"Twist of Fate" March 26, 2004
After Otto makes fun of Twister's taste in cartoons upon learning that he was a fan of Gung-Ho Gopher, the show's advice may end up saving the Rocket Gang when they get lost in the Grand Canyon.
A Rocket X-Mas
"A Rocket X-Mas" September 30, 2003 (DVD)
December 15, 2003 (TV premiere)
Reggie and Otto offer a dog walking service over the holidays, to earn money to get a special gift for Ray.
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"Reggie's Big (Beach) Break" July 19, 2003
The kids are stoked to have their hometown playing host to a seven-day beach-break TV special, featuring extreme sports and a concert by a pink-haired pop star named Shaffika (Stacy Ferguson). However, Otto misses out on much of the action as punishment for breaking a promise to his dad. Reggie, meanwhile, steps into the spotlight after being picked as a roving reporter following the week's events.
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"Island of the Menehune" July 16, 2004
The Rocket Power gang accompany Ray and Tito to O'ahu for the reunion of Tito's extended family.
69 No Image "New Girl on the Block" June 16, 2004
Reggie makes friends with a new girl named Carla.
No Image "After Shocked" June 16, 2004
A massive earthquake hits Ocean Shores.
"The Big Day" July 30, 2004
When Ray makes preparations for his wedidng to Noelani (Tito's cousin from "Island of the Menehune"), Otto attempts to postpone the wedding so he can compete in a skating contest.
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