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The following is a list of episodes in the first season of Rocko's Modern Life, listed in production order.


# Image Title Original air date
"Carnival Knowledge" September 19, 1993
Rocko and Heffer attend a carnival full of hazardous rides and shady carnival games.
Title-Sandinyournavel.png "Sand in Your Navel" September 19, 1993
Rocko and Spunky try to spend a nice day at the beach.
A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic.png
"A Sucker For the Suck-O-Matic" September 18, 1993
To get his house clean, Rocko orders a vacuum cleaner that not only tackles dirt, but sucks up anything and everything in sight.
Title-Canned.png "Canned" September 18, 1993
Rocko is fired from his job at Super-Lot-o'-Comics and starts searching for a new job.
Rocko's Happy Sack.png
"Rocko's Happy Sack" November 21, 1993
Strapped for cash and needing food, Rocko goes to a grocery store that's having a 99% off sale.
Flu-In-U-EnzaHQ.png "Flu-In-U-Enza" November 21, 1993
Rocko has tickets to the big wrestling match, but he suddenly falls ill.
Who's For Dinner.png
"Who's For Dinner" November 28, 1993
Rocko, unaware of Heffer's family life, is invited over to dinner at Heffer's house. Things get sticky when Rocko's offhand remark about Heffer being adopted drives Heffer to run away from home to eat away his sorrow and find his real father.
Love SpankedHQ.png "Love Spanked" November 28, 1993
Rocko is infatuated with his next-door neighbor, Melba, but when Heffer tells Rocko that Melba already has a boyfriend, Rocko goes on several blind dates.
Clean Lovin'HQ.png
"Clean Lovin'" December 5, 1993
Spunky's unnatural attraction to a mop vexes Rocko.
Unbalanced LoadHQ.png "Unbalanced Load" December 5, 1993
Rocko's trip to the laundromat to clean his dirty clothes turns into a surreal misadventure.
Leap Frogs.jpg
"Leap Frogs" 1993
Feeling unloved by her husband Ed, Bev Bighead invites Rocko over to do chores for her and tries to seduce him.
Title-Bedfellows.jpg "Bedfellows" 1993
Heffer's father, George, gets fired and rents Heffer's room out to a mouse family to make ends meet, so Heffer moves in with Rocko and makes a mess of his place.
"No Pain, No Gain" 1993
Rocko and Heffer join Flambé Le Flab, an exclusive high-end gym, but getting in is no easy task, thanks to the snobby Chameleon Brothers, Chuck and Leon, who deduct their points for everything from wearing the wrong attire to destroying gym property.
Who Gives A Buck.jpg "Who Gives a Buck" 1993
Rocko goes out shopping with his new credit card, but ends up charging for way more than he can actually afford.
"Jet Scream" September 26, 1993
Rocko and Heffer board an airplane to Vegas and learn that flying is a very dangerous thing.
Dirty Dog.png "Dirty Dog" September 26, 1993
While Rocko tries to give Spunky a bath, the vermin living on Spunky, a ringworm named Squirmy and a tick named Bloaty, have their own sitcom, where Bloaty's boss comes over for dinner and promises a promotion if the dinner exceeds his expectations.
"Keeping Up With the Bigheads" October 3, 1993
Rocko and Heffer must redecorate Rocko's house after Mr. Bighead threatens to have it torn down.
Skid MarksHQ.png "Skid Marks" October 3, 1993
Rocko's car is impounded, so he goes to the DMV to straighten things out.
"The Good, the Bad, and the Wallaby" October 17, 1993
Heffer and Rocko spend some time on a ranch owned by Rocko's uncle Gib Hootsen.
Title-TrashOMadness.jpg "Trash-O-Madness" October 17, 1993
Rocko and Spunky have great difficulty in taking out the trash, including dealing with Earl the bulldog.
Power Trip.png
"Power Trip" October 10, 1993
Rocko is put in charge of the comic shop while Mr. Smitty is away. The power goes to his head and he bosses around his pal Filburt.
Toheckandback.png "To Heck and Back" October 10, 1993
Heffer chokes on a chicken bone and has a near-death experience where a hooded figure known as Peaches tries to show Heffer the error of his ways.
"Spitballs" October 31, 1993
After Rocko's prized baseball gets shredded by Ed Bighead, Rocko and Heffer go to a local baseball game in hopes of catching a new one.
Title-PopcornPandemonium.png "Popcorn Pandemonium" October 31, 1993
Rocko and Heffer are off to the local movie theater complex after blowing out Mr. Bighead's television while trying to recreate a drive-in movie experience.
"Cabin Fever" November 14, 1993
Rocko and Heffer end up sharing a cabin with the Bigheads.
Rinse and SpitHQ.png "Rinse & Spit" November 14, 1993
Filburt recruits Rocko to help him pass his dentist's exam.

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