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This is a list of episodes in the second season of Rocko's Modern Life.


# Title card Title Original air date
"I Have No Son!" September 25, 1994
This 30-minute episode introduces Ed Bighead's son, Ralph Bighead, the creator of Rocko and Filburt's favorite TV cartoon, The Fatheads. Ralph is estranged from his family due to being a cartoonist, instead of being a corporate man like his father wanted.
15 Pipe dreams title card "Pipe Dreams" October 2, 1994
Rocko has a plumbing problem – a goldfish that he flushed down the toilet.
Tickled pinky title card "Tickled Pinky" October 2, 1994
Having a bout of appendicitis causes Rocko to experience hallucinations about his soon-to-be-departed appendix.
16 Title-TheLoungeSinger "The Lounge Singer" October 9, 1994
Filburt realizes his dream of being a lounge singer and hits the big time.
Title-ShesTheToad "She's the Toad" October 9, 1994
On the eve of a huge proposal at work, Ed Bighead is stricken ill, so Beverly fills his position at Conglom-O.
17 Down the Hatch "Down the Hatch" October 23, 1994
When Spunky swallows a vitamin pill, the parasites Bloaty and Squirmy think they've discovered an ancient and mysterious object.
Road Rash "Road Rash" October 23, 1994
Flem Rock is about to be bulldozed, so Rocko and Heffer go on a road trip to see it one last time.
18 Title-BoobTubed "Boob Tubed" November 6, 1994
Sitting too close to the television causes Heffer to literally lose his mind. Rocko and Filburt travel to TV Central to rescue it.
Commuted sentence title card "Commuted Sentence" November 6, 1994
A traffic jam that makes Rocko late for work all the time and his boss Mr. Smitty hates it. One day, Rocko makes it on time, but his car gets towed away, forcing him to rely on public transportation.
"Rocko's Modern Christmas!: Can't Squeeze Cheer From a Cheese Log!" December 1, 1994
Rocko invites everyone in O-Town, including a new family of elves who just moved in across the street, over for Christmas, but Ed, thinking he wasn't invited, spreads rumors about the elves to ruin the party.
20 Title-HutSutRaw "Hut Sut Raw" December 4, 1994
Rocko, Heffer and Filburt go camping.
Kiss Me I'm Foreign "Kiss Me, I'm Foreign" December 4, 1994
When Rocko is in danger of being deported by mistake, Filburt poses as his spouse.
"Cruisin'" January 1, 1995
While bringing Heffer's grandfather on a cruise meant for the elderly, Rocko and Heffer end up coming along for the ride and, in the process, learn to respect their elders.
22 Born to Spawn "Born to Spawn" January 22, 1995
Filburt's 21st birthday approaches, and the ancient breeding ground of Kerplopitgoes calls.
Uniform Behavior "Uniform Behavior" January 22, 1995
Heffer gets a little taste of authority when he is hired as a security guard.
23 Hair Licked "Hair Licked" January 29, 1995
On the day he is supposed to pose for a newspaper photograph, Rocko is having a very bad hair day.
Title-GutterBalls "Gutter Balls" January 29, 1995
Ed Bighead's obsession with winning a bowling trophy has him disqualified from a bowling tournament.
24 Junk Junkies "Junk Junkies" February 12, 1995
In order to pay off a huge pizza bill, Rocko holds a garage sale.
Day of the Flecko "Day of the Flecko" February 12, 1995
After Rocko has to pull overtime at his job, his sleep is disrupted by a housefly named Flecko.
25 Title-Snowballs "Snowballs" February 26, 1995
On their way to deliver comic books, Rocko and Heffer are distracted by a ski resort.
Title-FrogsBestFriend "Frog's Best Friend" February 26, 1995
Bev adopts Earl the vicious dog, much to Ed's dismay.
26 Short Story "Short Story" March 2, 1995
Feeling inadequate due to short stature, Rocko has a dream where a fairy turns him into a giant.
Title-EyesCapade "Eyes Capades" March 2, 1995
When he finds that he's suffering from poor eyesight just before the big jackhammer competition, Rocko is forced to get a pair of glasses.

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