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This is a list of episodes in the third season of Rocko's Modern Life, listed in production order.

For some reason, episode 33 ("I See London, I See France" / "The Fat Lands") has never re-aired on TeenNick, and is also missing from Paramount+.


# Image Title Original air date
"Sugar Frosted Frights" October 31, 1995
Filburt overcomes his fear of Halloween and candy-eating (something instilled in him by his deranged aunt) and goes insane.
Title-EdisDeadAThriller!.png "Ed is Dead: A Thriller!" October 31, 1995
When Ed Bighead disappears after a martial spat, Rocko thinks that Bev murdered him.
The Emperors New Joe.jpg
"The Emperor's New Joe" October 29, 1995
The Chameleon Brothers open a trendy new café, but when Rocko says their coffee is horrible, Chuck and Leon try to convince him to give it another chance by telling him the story of how the Chameleon Brothers used their coffee to placate a temperamental dictator
Schnit heads.jpg "Schnit-heads" October 29, 1995
Heffer falls into a sausage-worshiping cult.
Bye, Bye, Birdie.png
"Bye, Bye Birdie" October 22, 1995
Filburt asks Rocko to look after his pet bird, Turdy, while he's in the hospital, but Heffer then accidentally kills the bird.
BelchOfDestiny.png "Belch of Destiny" October 22, 1995
Heffer's unique talent for belching embarrasses his father, who wants Heffer to stop acting like a child and grow up.
"Nothing to Sneeze At" November 18, 1995
A mistake at the hospital endows Bev with a nose, but the stench of her husband Ed is making her sick.
Title-OldFogeyFroggy.jpg "Old Fogey Froggy" November 18, 1995
When Ed feels youth slipping away, he tries to become friends with Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt.
"Manic Mechanic" December 3, 1995
Rocko's car breaks down, but Filburt can bring it back to life.
Title-Rocko'sHappyVermin.jpg "Rocko's Happy Vermin" December 3, 1995
When Rocko helps a bunch of bugs escape from Ed, they become unwelcome guests.
"Fish-N-Chumps" November 12, 1995
Rocko, Heffer and Filburt go on a fishing trip, unsuspecting that they are the prey.
Title-CameraShy.jpg "Camera Shy" November 12, 1995
Heffer and Filburt secretly video tape Rocko, and the movie turns into an underground hit, even winning an award at a film festival.
"I See London, I See France" December 10, 1995
On a trip to France, Rocko falls in love with a female wallaby.
Title-TheFatlands.png "The Fat Lands" December 10, 1995
Bloaty and Squirmy return, this time living on an obese Spunky, as Rocko tries getting him to lose weight.
"Fortune Cookie" December 17, 1995
Filburt is selected as a contestant on a game show, but fears the worst when he opens a fortune cookie that predicts him of having bad luck for eternity.
Title-DearJohn.jpg "Dear John" December 17, 1995
Rocko hires TV host Bob "Bucky" Taylor to repair his destroyed kitchen, but finds out that Bucky can only build bathrooms.
"Speaking Terms" December 31, 1995
Rocko and Heffer go on a talk show after getting into a bitter argument about Heffer forgetting Rocko's birthday.
Title-Tooth&Nail.jpg "Tooth & Nail" December 31, 1995
Rocko tries to overcome his nail-biting addition.
"Wacky Delly" January 21, 1996
Ralph Bighead wants to leave the world of television animation, so he gives Rocko, Filburt and Heffer free rein in creating a new television show, hoping that their ineptitude will get Ralph's contract canceled. When it becomes a hit, however, Ralph does what he can to ruin Wacky Delly.
"The Big Question" January 28, 1996
Filburt works up the courage of asking Doctor Hutchison to marry him.
The Big Answer.png "The Big Answer" January 28, 1996
A huge fight breaks out at the wedding, threatening Filburt and Hutch's marriage.
"An Elk for Heffer" February 11, 1996
In order to be considered an adult, the Wolves tell Heffer to bring elk home for dinner, but ends up falling in love with the first one he meets.
Scrubbin Down Under.jpg "Scrubbin' Down Under" February 11, 1996
Rocko wins a comic book store award, but becomes more known for the spinach stuck in his teeth. After using a jackhammer to try and get the spinach out, Rocko ends up in the hospital and gets a visit from Gene, the Hygiene Genie.
"Zanzibar" April 21, 1996
This musical-style episode has Rocko pitting the town citizens against Conglom-O and their pollution.
Title-FatalContraption.jpg "Fatal Contraption" April 21, 1996
In a silent episode, Rocko becomes the owner of a sentient food processor.

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