Rocko Rama is the main character from Rocko's Modern Life. He is an anthropomorphic wallaby who emigrated to the United States from Australia (changed in the 3rd season to a native-born citizen with Australian heritage); works at "Kind of a Lot o' Comics" (although he had other jobs, including being a product tester at Conglom-O and being an underwear model). A running gag is that other characters assume that Rocko is another kind of animal (usually a beaver, kangaroo, rabbit, or a dog), and then he goes into a lengthy (and often unconvincing) explanation that he is a wallaby. He has unreasonable bad luck and treatment from others in most episodes.

According to George Maestri, Rocko's surname is never given because the writers did not think of a family name that they desired.[2] In a concept sketch Murray named the character "Rocko Rama".[1] The writers considered the family name "Stretchbrain" because the character's brain popped out of his head during "odd moments." [2] The writers scrapped the idea, leaving the character with one given name. Contradicting Murray's concept sketch, however, the Boom! Studios revival comic depicts his surname as being "Wallaby".



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