Roger M. Klotz is the main antagonist of Doug. He is Doug's archenemy and Bluffington's local school bully who, along with his divorced mother, lives in a trailer park. He is older than the others in his class, as it took him three years to graduate from sixth grade. As the school bully, Roger always tries to poke fun at those around him. Doug often uses Roger as a villain in most of his Quailman comics, most notably mad scientist Dr. Klotzenstein. Roger owns a cat named Stinky who rivals Doug's dog Porkchop, and also once had a crush on Doug's sister Judy. Roger plays lead electric guitar for his band and is also an accomplished ballet dancer, much to Doug's surprise.

When the series was continued under the Walt Disney Company, Roger became wealthy thanks to a real-estate deal struck between the owner of the trailer park and the Bluff family. For more details on his role in the Disney series, click here.


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