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Roger Rockmore is Kenan and Kyra's father on Kenan & Kel. He dislikes Kel for a lot of reasons and has a short temper. He is a stern man who works at O'Hare Airport as an controller.  

Kel often makes a sarcastic remark to Roger's baldness. Kel tends to injure him and damage his house during his visits but he usually tolerates Kel's presence, but Roger gets mad at Kel when he goes too far of his actions. Unlike Sheryl, Roger is quick to punish Kenan. In the pilot episode, Roger even punished Kel even though he's not his son.

In the episode "Get the Kel Outta Here", Roger bans Kel from his house for good, after Kel almost killed him and refuses to forgive him. At the end of the episode, Roger forgives Kel after suffering from amnesia as a result of falling off a tree.


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