Romeo! is an American/Canadian television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 2003 to 2006, totaling 53 episodes. The filming was done in Vancouver, British Columbia, while the show takes place in Seattle, Washington. Reruns occasionally aired on Nickelodeon, BET and The N until December 26, 2008. The series was produced by Tom Lynch Company and P. Miller Collection in association with Nickelodeon Productions.


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The show revolves around the antics of Romeo Miller, an aspiring rapper, his musically mediocre family, and his record-producing father, Master P. Romeo is part of a hip-hop band, along with his siblings Louis, Gary, and Jodi, and the show primarily follows the adventures that the family, along with Romeo's nanny and stepmother, get involved in.


  • Romeo Miller as Romeo "Ro" Miller
  • Master P as Percy Miller
  • Erica O'Keith as Jodi Miller
  • Noel Callahan as Louis Testaverde
  • Zachary Isiah Williams as Gary Miller
  • Victoria Jackson as Marie Rogers (season 1)
  • Natashia Williams as Angie Miller (seasons 2-3)

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