Royal Woods is a fictional city in Michigan that serves as the main setting of The Loud House. Located south of Saginaw Bay (according to a map seen in the episode "ARGGH! You for Real?"), it is based on the real-life Michigan city of Royal Oak, where the series' creator Chris Savino lived in his youth. It is home to approximately 20,000 residents.[1]

Points of interest


Image Place
Loud House's Home.png The Loud House is the eponymous household of the Loud family.
McBride house.png The McBride house is where Clyde and his dads live.
Santiago house.png The Santiago house is the former residence of Bobby, Ronnie Anne, Maria and Arturo (presumably, prior to his and Maria's divorce). It is currently unknown if anyone has bought the house after the Santiagos moved to Great Lakes City.
Spokes House.png The Spokes house is the residence of Rusty Spokes' family. To date, it has only been seen in "Back in Black".
Mr. Grouse's House.png Mr. Grouse's house is the residence of the Louds' next-door neighbor.
S2E19A Yates residence.png The Yates house is the residence of the Yates family. It is located across the street from the Loud house and was previously owned by the Crowley family. To date, it has only been seen in "Future Tense".
Tetherby's Mansion.png Lord Tetherby's mansion is seen only in "Out on a Limo".
Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.png Sunset Canyon Retirement Home is a nursing home where the Loud siblings' maternal grandfather, Albert, lives.


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Royal Woods Elementary School.png Royal Woods Elementary School is the school that Lincoln's younger sisters (minus baby Lily) go to. Lincoln and his friends previously attended this school in the first four seasons.
Royal Woods High School.png Royal Woods High School is the school currently attended by Leni, Luna, and Luan. Lori previously attended this school in the first four seasons.
Royal Woods Middle School.png Royal Woods Middle School is the school currently attended by Lincoln, Lynn Jr., Clyde, and their friends.
Ketcham Park.png Ketcham Park
Tall Timbers Park.png Tall Timbers Park is a park that Lana likes to hang out at, first seen in "Scales of Justice".
Owen Walter Park.png Owen Walter Park is where Luan and Benny went for their first date in "A Pimple Plan".
S3E04A Rest Area.png Rest Area
Royal Woods Prison Yard.jpg Royal Woods Prison
S2E19A We don't need no education!.png Royal Woods Community College


Image Place
Aloha Comrade.png The Aloha Comrade is a Hawaiian/Russian fusion restaurant owned by Sergei. Lynn Sr. previously worked here prior to opening Lynn's Table.
Burpin' Burger.png Burpin' Burger is a fast-food restaurant that Lincoln and his sisters sometimes pick up lunch at.
Flip's Food 'n Fuel.png Flip's Food & Fuel is a convenience store owned by Flip.
Giovanni Chang's Italian Chinese Bistro.png Giovanni Chang's Italian Chinese Bistro is where Lori and Bobby had their anniversary dinner in the episode "Cheater by the Dozen". Lincoln and Clyde (and presumably the other sisters) had to work in the kitchen to repay the meal as punishment for ruining Giovanni's linguini dim sum.
Gus' Games and Grub.png Gus' Games and Grub is a pizza place that Lincoln and his friends sometimes hang out at. Lori once worked here so she could afford a new dress for the high school dance.
Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet.png Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet is a French/Mexican fusion restaurant. Lori and Bobby had their first date here.
Lynn's Table.png Lynn's Table is a restaurant owned by Lynn Sr., opened at the end of the show's third season. Lori worked as the assistant manager there in the fourth season.
Super Mart.png Super Mart
Lazer Maze.png Lazer Maze
Eat Diner Coffee Shop.png Eat Diner Coffee Shop is a diner that Luna went to in an attempt to stave off writers' block in the episode "House Music".
Royal Woods Mall.png Royal Woods Mall
Reininger's.jpg Reininger's is a clothing store at the mall that Leni works at, alongside her friends Fiona and Miguel.
Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise.png Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise
The Chortle Portal.png The Chortle Portal
Sloppy's.png Sloppy's
Miss Liza's Pageant Training Center.png Miss Liza's Pageant Training Center
Biker Gear.png Biker Gear
Banger's & Mosh.png Banger's & Mosh is a British eatery and rock venue that Lynn Sr. and Rita had their first date at. They celebrate the 20th anniversary of that first date in the episode "L is for Love", and everyone in Royal Woods throws a party for the couple's wedding anniversary in the book The Ultimate Party.
Green Mile Pet Sanctuary.png Green Mile Pet Sanctuary
Good Sport Sporting Goods.png Good Sport Sporting Goods
Hole In One-derland.png Hole In One-derland is a miniature golf course.
Dine 'n' Dance.png Dine 'n' Dance
Royal Woods Spa.png The Royal Woods Spa is a hotel that Lynn Sr. and Rita saved up to spend a weekend at in the episode "Suite and Sour".
Royal Woods Cinema.png Royal Woods Cinema
Royal Woods Theater.png Royal Woods Theater
Werk It Dance Studio.png Werk It Dance Studio
Larry Berry Bakery.png Larry Berry Bakery
Juice! Kale Everything.png Juice! Kale Everything
S2E05B Todd's New Used Cars.png Todd's New/Used Cars
S3E03A Karaoke-Dokie.png Karaoke-Dokie
S2E15A Rusty pushing Linc.png Duds for Dudes is a clothing store run by Rodney Spokes (Rusty's dad).
S2E18B Royal Woods Arena.png Royal Woods Arena
S3E03A The Spin Cycle.png The Spin Cycle
The Red Herring.png The Red Herring
Auntie Pam's Parlor.png Auntie Pam's Parlor
Frosty Farms.png Frosty Farms
Royal Woods Library.png Royal Woods Library is the local library, first featured in the episode "Read Aloud". Lisa is not welcome there due to the abundance of overdue fines that she owes.
Royal Woods Dentist.png Royal Woods Dentist
Royal Woods Expo Center.png Royal Woods Expo Center
Space Cadets Experience.png Space Cadets Experience
The Yoga Center.png Royal Woods Yoga Center


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