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The following is a list of episode of the third season of Rugrats, listed in production order.


# Title card Title Original air date (United States)
"Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster" September 26, 1993
The babies sabotage a dinner party for a visiting cartoon animator when they think Randy being possibly promoted will result in Susie moving away.
Twinspique.png "Twins' Pique" September 26, 1993
Tired of even their own parents getting them mixed up, Phil and Lil start acting like Chuckie and Angelica, respectively.
"Chuckie's First Haircut" October 3, 1993[1]
Chuckie is afraid to get his first haircut.
Rugrats - Cool Hand Angelica 71.png "Cool Hand Angelica" October 3, 1993[1]
Angelica attends summer camp with Susie.
"Tricycle Thief" October 10, 1993[1]
The kids think that Angelica stole Susie's brand new tricycle.
No Image.png "Rhinoceritis!" October 10, 1993[1]
Angelica tells Chuckie that he is turning into a rhinoceros when she pretends to be a doctor.
Grandpa Moves Out.jpg
"Grandpa Moves Out" October 17, 1993[1]
Grandpa moves into a retirement home after feuding with Stu and Didi.
The Legend of Satchmo.jpg "The Legend of Satchmo" October 17, 1993[1]
The babies go camping in the backyard, and things turn scary at night when they fear "the Satchmo monster" will capture them after hearing one of Grandpa's stories.
"Circus Angelicus" October 24, 1993[1]
Angelica and the babies stage a circus after they are forced to leave one, due to Chuckie's fear of clowns.
The Stork Title Card.jpg "The Stork" October 24, 1993[1]
Tommy thinks that he is getting a new baby brother, and he tries to protect it.
"The Baby Vanishes" November 7, 1993[1]
Angelica uses vanishing cream to try to steal desserts from the adults.
Rugrats Farewell, My Friend.jpg "Farewell, My Friend" November 7, 1993[1]
Tommy and Chuckie decide to part ways after clashing in their views of "adventuring".
"When Wishes Come True" November 14, 1993[1]
The babies think that Angelica has turned into stone after Tommy makes a desperate wish.
Rugrats ABAL.jpg "Angelica Breaks a Leg" November 14, 1993[1]
Angelica fakes a broken leg to get attention.
"The Last Babysitter" November 21, 1993[1]
Susie's older sister Alisa babysits for her younger siblings and Tommy, but things go awry when a "monster" suddenly appears.
Sour pickles.png "Sour Pickles" November 21, 1993[1]
Grandpa recalls a turning point in the childhood of Stu and Drew when Angelica gets a kaleidoscope.
"Reptar 2010" November 28, 1993[1]
The babies supply their own endings to a movie when the VCR breaks.
Stu Gets a Job.jpg "Stu Gets a Job" November 28, 1993[1]
Tommy tries to prevent Stu from going to work in the morning.
Give and Take 2.png
"Give and Take" December 12, 1993[1]
Tommy and Chuckie reluctantly share a new toy.
The Gold Rush.png "The Gold Rush" December 12, 1993[1]
The babies turn "money hungry" after finding a nickel in the sandbox.
Home Movies (3).png
"Home Movies" December 26, 1993[1]
While Stu attempts to show everyone his family's home movies, the kids make their own "home movies" about their lives.
The Mysteterious Mr. Friend.jpeg "The Mysterious Mr. Friend" December 26, 1993[1]
Stu's new robot toy, Mr. Friend, frightens the babies.
"Cuffed" January 2, 1994[1]
Angelica accidentally gets herself and Chuckie stuck together with toy handcuffs.
Blizzard.png "The Blizzard" January 2, 1994[1]
A snowstorm comes to the neighborhood, and the babies imagine that they are sledding to the North Pole.
Destination- Moon.jpeg
"Destination: Moon" January 16, 1994(?)[1]
The kids pretend that Grandpa's new trailer is a spaceship, and they go to the moon to find Chuckie's toy rocket.
Rugrats Angelica's Birthday.jpg "Angelica's Birthday" January 16, 1994(?)[1]
Angelica wants to be a baby to avoid having responsibilities or getting older.
Princess Angelica.jpg
"Princess Angelica" January 9, 1993[1]
Angelica thinks that she is royalty and schemes to go to "her castle with her real parents".
Rugrats The Odd Couple.png "The Odd Couple" January 9, 1993[1]
Tommy and Chuckie learn that "you don't really know someone until you live with them".
No Image.png
"Naked Tommy" January 23, 1994[1]
Tommy wants to shed his clothes to be like his dog, Spike.
Rugrats Tommy and the Secret Club.png "Tommy and the Secret Club" January 23, 1994[1]
Angelica forces the babies to compete to see who gets to be in her secret club.
"Under Chuckie's Bed" February 6, 1994[1]
Chuckie thinks that there are monsters living underneath his new "big boy" bed.
Chuckie is Rich.png "Chuckie is Rich" February 6, 1994[1]
The Finsters suddenly become wealthy after Chas wins a contest that is sponsored by Pat Sajak.
Rugrats Mommy's Little Assets.png
"Mommy's Little Assets" February 20, 1994[1]
Angelica and Tommy nearly ruin Charlotte's business deal.
Chuckieslife.png "Chuckie's Wonderful Life" February 20, 1994[1]
An angel shows Chuckie what life would be like without him when the babies accidentally lose Chas' favorite record.
In the Dreamtime.jpg
"In the Dreamtime" February 27, 1994[1]
Chuckie has trouble distinguishing his dreams from reality.
The Unfair Pair.png "The Unfair Pair" February 27, 1994[1]
Angelica worries Phil and Lil about which one is "their parents' favorite".
Chuckie's Red Hair.jpg
"Chuckie's Red Hair" March 6, 1994[1]
Chuckie tires of standing out because of his red hair, and he and Tommy make it black.
Spike Runs Away.png "Spike Runs Away" March 6, 1994[1]
The Pickles' dog runs away, and Stu cannot get a good replacement.
Rugrats The Alien.png
"The Alien" March 20, 1994[1]
Angelica tells the babies that Chuckie is an alien.
Mr. Clean.jpg "Mr. Clean" March 20, 1994[1]
Chuckie becomes a "neat freak" after his father tells him about germs.
Angelica's Worst Nightmare.jpg
"Angelica's Worst Nightmare" March 27, 1994[1]
Charlotte announces that she may be pregnant.
MegaDiaperBabies.jpg "The Mega Diaper Babies" March 27, 1994[1]
The babies pretend to be superheroes to get back their action figures from Angelica.
Rugrats - New Kid in Town.jpg
"New Kid In Town" October 15, 1994[1]
Tired of being picked on by Angelica, the babies meet a new boy named Josh, who turns out to be worse than their old nemesis.
Pickles vs. Pickles.png "Pickles vs. Pickles" October 15, 1994[1]
Drew dreams that Angelica sues her parents after a family argument.
A Rugrats Passover .jpg
"Passover" April 13, 1995
When the babies and Boris accidentally get locked in the attic during the family Seder, he tells them the story of Passover.
"Kid TV" October 22, 1994[1]
The kids create their own TV shows after the Pickles' TV breaks down.
The Sky is Falling.png "The Sky is Falling" October 22, 1994[1]
Angelica makes the babies worry that "it is the end of the world".
I Remember Melville title card.png
"I Remember Melville" November 5, 1994[1]
Chuckie's pet bug dies.
Rugrats - No More Cookies 1.png "No More Cookies" November 5, 1994[1]
Angelica swears off cookies after she suffers a stomachache.
Cradle Attraction.png
"Cradle Attraction" November 12, 1994[1]
Chuckie develops a crush on a new girl in the neighborhood.
AngelicasMovingAway.jpg "Moving Away" November 12, 1994[1]
The babies recollect how they first met after Angelica announces that her family may be moving to another city.


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