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The following is a list of episodes from the fifth season of Rugrats, which ran for seventeen episodes from 1998 to 1999.

The Rugrats Movie, the series' first theatrical film, was released and takes place between the episodes "The Family Tree" and "Chuckie's Duckling"/"A Dog's Life".


# Title card Title Original air date (United States)
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"Angelica Nose Best" November 22, 1997
A mosquito bite causes Angelica to halt her lying ways.
No Image.png "The Pirate Light" November 22, 1997
The babies outsmart a crooked repairman.
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"Grandpa's Bad Bug" August 19, 1998
The babies fear that there is a "bad bug" in Grandpa Lou's bed.
No Image.png "Lady Luck" August 19, 1998
Grandpa takes the babies to a Bingo game at the "Senior Citizens' Center".
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"Crime and Punishment" August 20, 1998
Angelica tells the babies that police officers arrest bad people while Chas dates a police officer and Chas's glasses are broken.
Baby Maybe.jpeg "Baby Maybe" August 20, 1998
Didi's brother and sister-in-law consider having a baby and to prove it, babysit the kids.
Word of the Day.jpg
"The Word of the Day" August 18, 1998
Angelica learns a cuss from the host of her favorite children's show.
No Image.png "Jonathan Babysits" August 18, 1998
Jonathan searches for ways to blackmail Charlotte while looking after the kids.
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"He Saw, She Saw" August 21, 1998
Chuckie's latest crush has an over-protective brother.
Piggy's Pizza Palace.png "Piggy's Pizza Palace" August 21, 1998
The gang goes to a pizzeria that resembles Chuck E. Cheese's and try to get Angelica's tickets back from a pig that "stole" them.
Babysitting Fluffy.jpg
"Babysitting Fluffy" August 15, 1998
Chas and Chuckie look after Angelica's cat while she is away.
Sleep.png "Sleep Trouble" August 15, 1998
Tommy and Chuckie fear "the Sandman" after a story while Chas is out, so Stu and Didi are watching them.
The First Cut.jpg
"The First Cut" August 16, 1998
Tommy is scared after being cut for the first time.
Chuckie Grows.jpg "Chuckie Grows" August 16, 1998
The babies think that Chuckie has gotten bigger when his clothes shrink in the wash.
The Wild Wild West.jpeg
"The Wild Wild West" August 17, 1998
The kids take part in a Western spoof to reclaim ice cream coupons that Angelica took from other kids.
No Image.png "Angelica for a Day" August 17, 1998
Tommy dreams that Chuckie and Angelica switch personalities.
Fugitive Tommy.jpeg
"Fugitive Tommy" August 22, 1998
Tommy is mistaken for another trouble-making baby.
No Image.png "Visiting Aunt Miriam" August 22, 1998
Grandpa Lou takes the babies to Aunt Miriam's house, where the babies think that her lady friends want to eat Chuckie, who is ironically not concerned.
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"Uneasy Rider" August 29, 1998
Chuckie is nervous about riding his new two-wheeled "big boy" bicycle.
No Image.png "Where's Grandpa?" August 29, 1998
Stu and Didi accidentally leave Grandpa behind on a road trip, and Tommy and Chuckie try to give him time to catch up to them.
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"Journey to the Center of the Basement" September 19, 1998
The babies go down to the basement to retrieve a lost toy.
A Very McNulty Birthday.jpeg "A Very McNulty Birthday" September 19, 1998
The kids attend a rival's birthday party, where all the girls are left out of the activities.
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"The Family Tree" September 21, 1998
While Didi and Stu go away on vacation for their anniversary, Tommy and Angelica stay at Chuckie's house, where Chuckie learns about his ancestors. While on their cruise ship, Didi starts to feel seasick, but it is really something else--she's pregnant!
Chuckie's Duckling.jpg
"Chuckie's Duckling" January 18, 1999
Chuckie finds a duck egg in a bush which hatches and he names the baby duck Herbert and claims it as his little brother, inspired after seeing how close Tommy and Dil are.
A Dog's Life.jpeg "A Dog's Life" January 18, 1999
Spike attempts to protect Dil from imminent danger, but the dog gets in trouble with Stu and Didi.
"Chuckerfly" January 23, 1999
Chuckie wants to be cute again, so he goes through his own metamorphosis.
Angelica as Ballina.jpg "Angelica's Twin" January 23, 1999
Angelica pretends to have a nice twin sister named Ballina in order to get more toys.
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"Raising Dil" February 6, 1999
Tommy and the babies try to educate Dil, who they believe isn't as smart as they are.
No Image.png "No Naps" February 6, 1999
The babies try to avoid napping for a toy from Angelica.
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"Man of the House" February 12, 1999
Tommy tries to run the household while Stu is out of town on business.
A Whole New Stu.jpeg "A Whole New Stu" February 12, 1999
On Drew's advice, the family goes to a vacation resort and health spa, where Stu can work out, relax, and become "a whole new man". Tommy, however, is worried that the workout would make Stu mean.
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"Submarine" February 19, 1999
While Stu shops for a used car, Tommy, Chuckie and Dil imagine the test automobile is a submarine.
No Image.png "Chuckie's a Lefty" February 19, 1999
Chuckie learns he is left-handed, so Angelica makes him feel like a freak.

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