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Rugrats: Studio Tour is a video game based on Rugrats developed by n-Space, published by THQ, and released for the Sony PlayStation in 1999.


While on a Hollywood movie studio trip, Angelica, Susie, and the Rugrats venture away from the adults. But Dil gets locked behind a door in the process and the security guard loses the keys thanks to him, forcing the others to venture throughout the studio and explore various film sets in search of the keys to free Dil from an adventure film set before the props harm him.


The player chooses from five available attractions in the key search including:

  • Captain Cookies: A pirate-themed attraction where Angelica is controlled. A mini-golf and footracing game is included.
  • Outside Space: A space-themed attraction where Chuckie is controlled. It includes a series of platforming levels, a moon exploration, and a shooting gallery.
  • Lazy Saddles: A western-themed attraction where Susie is controlled. The levels here involve collecting gold, rounding up animals, mini-golf, and a shooting gallery.
  • Diapies of Thunder: A racing-themed attraction where Phil is controlled. The levels here are all racetracks that require a certain number of laps to be completed. The attraction name is a reference to the film Days of Thunder.

Once the player completes in all the attractions, a key awards them. and also if the player collects enough Reptar bars. Once the player collects enough keys, they'll open the door.

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