Sandy Kavanaugh (left) with puppeteer Brad Williams.

Sandy Kavanaugh was the producer for Nickelodeon's first original series, Pinwheel, which premiered in 1977. She was also Nickelodeon's first director of programming.

Kavanaugh is credited with coming up with the name for Nickelodeon. After Dr. Vivian Horner asked her co-workers to help come up with a list of possible names for the network, Sandy Kavanaugh proposed "Nickelodeon," even though she wasn't fully satisfied with it. In an interview, she recalled:

"The name of the network had come from Vivian Horner wanting me to come up with a list of possibilities. Everybody was suffering over what to call it. I came up with a list and Nickelodeon was my favorite. A lot of the other names we came up with were bad... I wasn't thrilled with 'Nickelodeon.' It was whimsical sounding, though. It had a fun lilt."
―Sandy Kavanaugh in the 2013 book Slimed! An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age
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