Sanjay Patel is one of the main protagonists of Sanjay and Craig. He was named after an American animator who has worked in the animation department of various projects, most of them which are animated films released by Pixar. He is a very curious pre-teen who is ready to face any challenges and difficulties that life has ahead for him. Though Sanjay may not understand what the penalty of some of the situations Craig and him face, he will always find a way to fix the situation at hand.


As the theme song states, Sanjay was searching for a pet at the local pet store. In the store, he finds a talking snake named Craig, and they immediately become best friends. Now, both of them find themselves in crazy antics and adventures that place them in the face of trouble...and danger.


Sanjay is the hero of the show. He’s the one with the big plans, the big dreams, the big heart, and the open mind. Sanjay is Craig’s best friend and the leader of their group of neighborhood pals. He’s enamored with larger-than-life heroes and longs to be one himself. Sanjay has no sense of what’s impossible or un-cool and as a result, he’s always up for impossibly cool adventures. Enthusiastic to a fault and endlessly curious, every new discovery becomes his new obsession. Excitable, passionate, goofy, klutzy and sweet, he’s the ultimate kid.


Sanjay is a mulatto-colored twelve-year old male. He has a fairly abundant amount of black hair and black eyebrows. He has black pupils as well. Sanjay has a white T-shirt, black shorts, white socks, and black shoes. His arms are quite skinny along with his legs.

"Gee, this is harder than I thought."
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