Schnitzel is Marc Weiner's green-feathered parrot sidekick. His puppet was a bird head puppet with the feet as live human hands. Schnitzel is often fresh and sassy with Marc.

Schnitzel only appeared in Season 1 and was performed by Marc.

The Character

Schnitzel, Marc's sassy and fresh green parrot sidekick, has appeared in every episode in Season 1, mainly wisecracking with Marc, antagonizing him in various ways (such as pooping on the stage floor and in his cage), and still doing the show. His cage is by the General Store, and is mainly covered up by a red tarp during those segments.


  • He appeared exclusively in Season 1.
  • A different performer played Schnitzel in wide shots, while Marc performed him in close-up shots.
  • True to him being sassy and fresh, Schnitzel has wisecracked with Marc throughout Season 1.
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