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Episode premieres

Year Show Episode(s)
1992 Clarissa Explains It All "The Great Debate" Nickelodeon 1985 Splat.svg
2000 Little Bill "Elephant on the Loose" / "If A Bird Rings, Answer It" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
Double Dare 2000 "Red Dragons vs. Blue Moons" Nickelodeon 1998.svg
2003 My Life as a Teenage Robot "Party Machine" / "Speak No Evil" Nickelodeon 2003.svg
The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius "Sorry, Wrong Era" Nickelodeon 2003.svg
2006 Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! "Gotta Dance" / "The Wubb Club" Nick 2006.svg
2008 "Bye Bye Birdies" / "Call of the Mild" Nick 2006.svg
2019 PAW Patrol "Pups Save the Land Pirates" / "Pups Save the Birdwatching Turbots" Nick 2017.svg
2020 Danger Force Minisode "Prank War" Nick 2017.svg
Nickelodeon's Unfiltered "Porcupines Rock High Tops!" Nick 2017.svg
Group Chat with Jayden & Brent "Sleepover -- Duck Duck Poop" Nick 2017.svg

Home video releases

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