"Shelf Life" is the 41st episode of The Fairly OddParents.


It's summer vacation, the time for rest, relaxation, fun and excitement. Timmy puts off the assignment until the last minute, on Labor Day. He then wishes Tom Sawyer out of his book to try and make things easier for himself. But Tom caught Cosmo's wand, and he runs amok in various books. Timmy and his fairies follow Tom into the books.The first one is Moby Dick before Tom changed it to Moby Duck which throws Ahab off.The next one is Frankenstien which the villagers attack the monster then Timmy changes Villagers to "The ill attack" which made them ill.Then appears is a Frankenstein Monster..Truck.Then,It changes from Monk to Hunk to Skunk.Then the third one is Tarzan: Lord of the Apes which the title character of the book(in drapes) tells Cosmo who dressed him.Then Timmy changes Drapes to Shapes.Then he call himself "Lord of Shapes"which shows a circle,a square and a triangle.The 4th book is The Three Musketeers which Wanda tries to say "The Three Mousketeers" The 5th book was Jason and the Argonauts which they fight a creature before Tom changes it from "Argonauts" to "Pussycats" which then titled "Jason and the Pussycats" which the song starts the they are trying to stop Tom before he reaches a physics book and turns gravity into gravy and planets into plants. Timmy then wishes that they were in "The Rat in Spats" and that the said book would be on top of the "Astrophysics for Morons" book. Timmy and his fairies arrive before Tom. Tom tells Timmy to beat that, but Timmy says he doesn't have to. The Rat in Spats then appears and explains to the characters that in Spatsville there is only one law: You can not ever frown. Tom doesn't believe this and starts making fun of Timmy.


Tom Sawyer trying to destroy Timmy.

As Tom is laughing, Timmy then goads the Rat even more by asking him if he is going to take that insult from a punk from Missouri. The Rat screams at Tom "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY SHOES, PUNK?". He then proceeds to squish Tom with his foot. This causes Tom to drop Cosmo's wand which Cosmo then retrieves. Timmy then reveals that he knew that how the story went and by having Tom make fun of the Rat it led to a very big splat. Tom now flattened to death and sent back to his book. Wanda guesses they should revert the books to normal. However, on the first day of school, Crocker ends up giving Fs on all the students' book reports except for Timmy's, due to Timmy not reverting the changes.

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