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Shimmer and Shine Intros Seasons 1 and 2

The Show's Opening From Season 1 And 2

Shimmer and Shine is an American animated television series, created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. It airs on the Nick Jr. Channel in the United States and on Treehouse TV in Canada. The series is based on an unreleased pilot from 2013, and premiered on Nickelodeon on August 24, 2015. It was renewed for a fourth season of 20 episodes on October 20, 2018.[1]

Since March 18, 2018, new episodes moved to the Nick Jr. Channel.[2][3]


Focuses on two twin genies-in-training, Shimmer and Shine, who grant three wishes daily for their best friend, Leah. The wishes, however, are often resulted in disastrous results.


Main Characters

  1. Eva Bella as Shimmer
  2. Isabella Crovetti Cramp as Shine
  3. Alina Foley as Leah
  4. Blake Bertrand as Zac (Seasons 1-2)
  5. Justin Felbinger as Zac (Season 3-4)
  6. Jet Jurgensmeyer as Kaz
  7. Dee Bradley Baker as Tala/Nahal/Parisa/Rocket/Zain/Nazboo
  8. Lacey Chabert as Zeta the Sorceress
  9. Nikki SooHoo as Princess Samira
  10. Melanie Fontana as Session Singer

Minor Characters

  1. Jim Cummings as Carpet Cleaner Vendor
  2. Carl Reiner as Santa
  3. Mila Brener as Nila
  4. Katherine Tokarz as Sea Monster
  5. Danica McKellar as Layla
  6. Della Seba as Genie Jeweller
  7. Kim Santiago as Shaya
  8. Hudson West as Shaya
  9. Ramone Hamilton as Shaun
  10. Kyle Arem as Doubling Genies
  11. Barbara Eden as Empress Caliana
  12. Richard Steven Horvitz as Gobi
  13. Kellie Pickler as Captain Zora
  14. Kate Higgins as Captain Zora
  15. Aria Capria as Gazi
  16. Tom Kenny as Cog
  17. Fred Tatasciore as Wishy Washy Genie
  18. Nika Futterman as Dalia
  19. Grace Kaufman as Imma
  20. Liliana Mumy as Ayla
  21. Kitana Turnbell as Minu
  22. Julie Nathanson as Afina
  23. Tatyana Ali as Ula
  24. Abby Trott as Sarah
  25. Gunnar Sizemore as Ezri
  26. Brittany Snow as Nadia
  27. Lana McKissack as Nadia
  28. Jewel as Misha
  29. Kimberly Brooks as Gita
  30. Tania Gunadi as Adara
  31. Luna Bella as Ruby
  32. Ashley Bornancin as Bibi

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