"Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom" is the second segment of the 166th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


The episode starts at the Krusty Krab, where Squidward is listening to Kelpy G's smooth jazz on the radio. The radio announces that there is a concert tonight, but the tickets are sold out. Squidward notices that he has tickets so he could go to the concert, but Patrick swallows them. They use the phones for a chance to win more tickets, but they keep on losing, SpongeBob finally figures it out and they both can go backstage to meet Kelpy G. SpongeBob and Squidward go on a bus to go to Kelpy G's concert. When they get there, SpongeBob's immature behavior makes Squidward feel embarrassed, so Squidward tries to give SpongeBob the slip, by having him get lemonade in the long line, but he shows up and said there was a second lemonade stand. They both go to the concert together and Kelpy G comes down from a large clarinet and plays jazz.

Patrick comes along and said he wanted the nachos. Squidward gets angrier. Patrick eats Squidward's backstage pass, so SpongeBob compassionately gives Squidward his backstage pass, but Patrick eats his too. Patrick wants more nachos. He interrupts Kelpy G's performance, which makes him stop playing, and says what he wants to eat through the microphone and then when he sees his guards try to hurt him, he jumps off the stage and is then carried away by the fans. SpongeBob and Squidward sneak away, but the guards tell them to go back to their seats. When the two get there, they find that some other people took them. Squidward angrily yells at them, which makes Kelpy G stop playing again.

The guards kick them out. The duo manages to sneak backstage, but Kelpy G's manager tells them that they need to leave because they don't have any backstage passes. They both attempt to impress Kelpy G. Squidward begins to play the clarinet, while SpongeBob plays the ukulele. Kelpy G is impressed with SpongeBob's ukulele playing. The fans wait for Kelpy G to come and he does, but there is a partner with him, who happens to be SpongeBob. Squidward comes out on the stage to prove that he is better. However, the guards carry him out and the episode ends.

Home video releases

  • SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete 8th Season


  • This is the second appearance of Kelpy G, who previously appeared in "The Thing".
  • Running Gag: Patrick eating tickets and Squidward overestimating the situation
  • This was just like Choir Boys. Another episode when Squidward chases a dream, SpongeBob messes it up, and he gets glorified and Squidward gets rejected.
  • Some of the cephalopods from Cephalopod Lodge return.
  • In the Polish version the narrator reads "Smoothe Jazz w Skalisku Dolnym" which means "Smoothe Jazz at Rock Bottom"
  • This is the first time Squidward plays his clarinet and SpongeBob plays his ukulele.

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