"Snowball Effect" is the first segment of the 46th episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.


As an iceberg travels across the surface of the water to Bikini Bottom, the temperature goes lower and lower, until it snows. Everyone is having fun, building things out of snow. SpongeBob and Patrick decide to have a snowball fight. Meanwhile, Squidward is relaxing at home with a cup of tea. They try to convince him to come out and play with them, both trying to get him on their own side.

Squidward decides that, as entertainment, he will watch them fight, hoping they will get hurt. SpongeBob and Patrick realize that snowball fights are for children, and they sign a peace treaty. Squidward tries to convince them to continue, but gets hit with a snowball. He decides to join in the fight. He makes a small fort and hits everyone with snowballs. Soon Squidward's fort has grown into a tower.

After SpongeBob and Patrick figure out that Squidward is taking it far too seriously, SpongeBob and Patrick go away, leaving a paranoid and riled-up Squidward to wreak havoc to nobody--except an overhead palm branch that keeps dropping gobs of snow on his head, as they relax in the pineapple watching TV with hot chocolate and popcorn warming up.


  • "The Snowball Effect" is also the title of a famous short story by Katherine MacLean.
  • When the saw and hammer sounds are played, in the first scene Patrick was making the hammer sound and SpongeBob is making the saw sounds and their actions are also as such, but in the second scene, the close-ups, the situations are vice-versa.
  • Running gag: Squidward's fireplace is put out three times by a stray snowball fired once by Patrick (on the second floor), once by SpongeBob (on the first floor, which makes no sense), and once by Squidward himself.
  • What the narrator said about snow breaking off of glaciers then heading toward more tropical waters and causing snow underwater is obviously scientifically inaccurate.
  • A few Christmas songs can be heard in this episode.
  • At the end of the episode, if the viewer listens carefully, the news guy says "...grab the snow shoes and the shovels..."
  • When Squidward is relaxing in his house drinking tea and sitting next to his fireplace, you can see Squidward's head hanging on a plaque on a wall. This is obviously a gag because this head has moose antlers on it. This may be one of Squidward's many artistic creations.
  • Instead of circles, Patrick makes a square snowball, a pyramid snowball, and a DNA-shaped snowball. Later in the episode, a pile of square snowballs are seen next to Patrick's fort.
  • There is a blue snowball on the right of the title card.
  • In this episode, Patrick can't make a snowball. However, in "Survival of the Idiots", he made a perfect snowball. (It's possible he was just trying to trick SpongeBob into making one for him, as he immediately throws it in SpongeBob's face. SpongeBob cries, "Patrick, how could you?", and Patrick replies, "It's a snowball fight, remember?". It's also possible that he just forgot how to make one.)
  • A tree appeared nearby SpongeBob and Squidward's house. In other episodes, the tree was never there.
  • When Patrick rubs snow, it sounds similar to a saw.

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