Sophie Sanders is Mikey Munroe's crush (later girlfriend) and a recurring character in Bunsen Is a Beast. She also appears to be one of Amanda Killman's greatest enemies. She appears in "Bunsen Is a Beast", "Bunsen Screams for Ice Cream", "Handsome Beast", "Bromeo and Juliet", and "Beauty or the Beast". She was voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

Physical Appearance

Sophie Sanders appears much taller than any other student in her class and has long dark purple hair, long eyelashes, a blue and white shirt over a darker blue skirt, and matching dark blue shoes.


Sophie Sanders is the pretty girl of the class, and, like her nemesis Amanda Killman, is somewhat of an airhead. She speaks with a valley girl accent, and also confused Bunsen for Mikey Munroe's dog even though she had been introduced to him mere minutes before. Besides this, she is typically very kind, and compliments Mikey for his bravery or selflessness whenever she witnesses him doing such acts.


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